I was wondering if it is possible to lit the particles with an hdr image, and how to acheive this in the latest versions of Krakatoa. I own the 2.0.246508 version so far. I saw on this forum a post that states it is possible with a normal channel, but it is for version 1.5, I guess the technique might have changed with the newer versions.


Read here:


Thank you for your answer and the tutorial link, very useful.
But, as far as I understood, I’m afraid this is not a lighting, but rather a reflection pass, am I wrong? What I what is having the hdr actually throwing light at the object, even if we don’t use reflection.


Nope, can’t do that - it’s not a good idea in the way Krakatoa is doing things, I think.


Got it, thank you.


Hi there!
When assign some material from mateditor to PRT Volume, you lose the ability to control particle color directly ( Position channal to Color as example)
How to override scene material color or completely remove one from object?


Remove material from selected object:

$.material = 'undefined'


Has been a while since I’ve been in Magma flow land…

Very basic question, I’m trying to acquire UVW/mapping coords from one object and copy them onto a PRT sequence. As a snapshot on the first frame, sounds simple right? I had a quick look at the import>from object but got lost from there on. HA

Any steer in the right direction would be amazing.

Cheers guys!


Have a look at this post by phizikl, with a bit of modification it will do the trick. Easier would be to save the texture cordinate when you save you to PRT.


You can’t do it on just the first frame, but simply picking it up is simple enough. If you want to move your particles after that, might wanna look at Stoke.



I’ve reached my particle IDs limit. I’m not happy with the reasult rendering in krakatoa. I’d like to have more particles.

Limit is the limit, cant fight with that. But I’m thinking about using the same particle system 10 times. The simple thinking: just ‘copy’ it 10 times and you get 10 times more particles. Ofcourse every system must be different in some way.

Thats the only thing I can think of. Is there any other way to bump up the particle count for the whole scene?


Have you tried using partitions? If you are after more particles than this would be the way to go; and one of the best features in Krakatoa. Partitions will take your particles, and give each new iteration a different seed value which in essence makes them unique. So for example, you can have a particle system of 1 million particles, then render out (10 partitions x 1 million), which will give you 10 milllion particles. Is this what you are after?


You’ve reached 1 billion particles? That is the per PF Source limit and that would take forever to calculate/cache. But yeah you can partition the system, like Joel mentions. I would, since you already have it, partition the cached PRT Loader instead of the PFlow system, it will be faster.


Thank you guys, this helped me a lot :slight_smile:

I also found out that when you want make partitions of cached particle system, you are gonna get eg. 10 times the same system, because krakatoa cant change seed while calculating already calculated system :slight_smile:


You can add any modifier with a Seed param, like Noise for instance, to a PRT Loader and the Partitioner will increment its seed values.


I want to make echo effect in Magmaflow.
I wish compare now colorchannel and colorchannel before 1 Frame.
But the problem is that I cannot get colorchannel before 1 Frame. :banghead:

How Can I get them?


Make another PRT loader, load the same cache into it, and offset it by one frame. Then you can access the particle with the same index in the second loader in Magmaflow.


Thank you, Glacierise.

I know it will work.
But In my situesion, ParticleA change his color when ParticleB hits ParticleA.
So then It dos’t work, because ParticleA moved after 1frame.


I might be misunderstanding something, but it doesn’t sound like it wouldn’t work?


is there any solution to create Ambient occlusion with magma flow ?