I’m working on krakatoa 2.1 with the new magmaflow modifier.

Actually, I’m searching how to create interesting result in order to create realistic splash like this :

I’m not an expert with magmaflow for the moment, but I’m learning it since few weeks.
My particles data are : Position, Velocity, Droplet, ID, Age, Normal, Color, Density.

So I’m open to follow your advices bobo. :slight_smile:


Well from that image, it looks like less spray/foam type thing. I am not sure about using magmaflow to color particles But you can use some absorption and emission in krakatoa to get nice scattering in those particles.

Apart from that I would use Frost for meshing (I believe you use naiad so probably you could have separate Splash PRT object?) Frost will work best and give you really nice mesh.

And for shading, If you would use mentalray, you can try A&D material with 0.0 diffuse value and 1.0 for reflection and 1.0 for refraction and turn on “self illumination” for A&D material and set its value in unitless and adjust value for your need, 0.4 or 0.3 or maybe more you would need. That’s what I did in this video I created :
And yes forgot to mention, that you can also add up slow moving animated noise map as bump map in A&D material, this way you can break down splash into more details.

But make sure to use real 3d motionblur for the trick. I am not sure about settings in vray, but I suppose you can use SSS in vray or achieve same material using it.


thank’s a lot jigu, this morning I have test frost for my splash particles and the render with vray is interesting, you’re right. So I will use krakatoa for the foam and frost for splash when I’m near the camera. :beer:


Looking forward to your test. :slight_smile:

Though as you brought this to shading with Krakatoa, It would be interesting to see if Krakatoa supports refractive shading now? Or if there is any plan for future? Are there any tests done with Krakatoa before for refractive shading?


This is my test

I’m going to continue my tests :slight_smile:


I’m working on an earth scene and wondering the best technique to get realistic clouds.
I was thinking that krakatoa would be adequate, but I would to know if it is doable.
I wanted to use the old magma preset of clouds applied to prt volume of a sphere with alpha map to create holes.
What do you think? Or is there a better approach?
Thank you.



I started with Krakatoa not long time ago and jumped straight to deep water. Most of things work fine. I followed these tutorials:

And there is just one thing I can’t figure out. Every time I render sequence at some point in simulation I get particles in two places - on the original position (where mesh was) and blown by wind. When I render just single frame it renders fine. What I’m doing wrong?

Thank you.


I just found what I have done wrong - Saving too many frames of cash and then using them as PRT loader in PFlow confused Krakatoa. Looks like it doesn’t like to be told what to do with particles twice.


Hello All,

I have a FumeFX sim that I am trying to kill off towards the end using density, I want to use the Velocity Channel or temp ect to do this, and am getting a bit stuck in MagmaFlow.

I can set up all the velocity fine in Magmaflow, and I have also been through the documentation on the Thinkbox site about density and age - but can’t work out how to apply those principles to making it work with density.

My Super basic setup below…

My Basic MagmaFlow

Anyhelp would be massively appreciated!





I think what you are missing is the node converting the velocity to magnitude before you divide with the float.


Someone knows, how render 360 degrees in Krakatoa? i have added a Krakatoa camera, with override fov at 360 but my 360 is not the same that my vray 360 render.


I´m trying to render out splashes from realflow. I have a corridor as matteobject and i´m trying to render the splashes out without have the corridor to cast shadows on the krakatoa particles.

It seems like krakatoa don´t care if i set the object properties to not cast shadows…

How do i have an object as matteobject and at the same time not to have it cast shadows…

Cheers and thanks in advance

UPDATE I got it working after a MAX crash… It worked when i restarted the scene?..


Did you try excluding the walls from casting shadows from the light itself through the include/exclude?


Hey guys, can you help me out on converting input density channel to a output color in MagmaFlow?

I already tried and made both a magnitude and a velocity test and although they look good in static frames, it doesn’t look as realistic in motion, as its a slow motion splash from a cup, soon as the liquid reaches its highest “peak” before gravity takes over, frost changes color from white(foam) back to black(liquid) and then back to white as it starts falling…

And I can’t find any explanation on how to set density to color, or any better method?

Thanks :slight_smile:


You should keep in mind that Krakatoa is history independent - you can’t use a previous state to define a following state. If you want to shade based on some events that happen with your particles (as opposed to some of their properties in the current moment), it would be better to mark these events with some datachannel coming from the simulation.


How would you go about doing that in realflow(we are not using hybrido)? We have two separate systems - one for foam and one for liquid.
Liquid was simulated first and cashed, and then added foam reacts to falling ice cubes depending on liquid cash.
We are trying to get a gradient on the thinnest points of foam. Also we are using .prt files if that makes any difference.



I think you might be able to do thinness by getting the number of particles around a particle, with the ParticleSumCount node. I’d try that :slight_smile: On the Realflow side - I haven’t really used it much :slight_smile:


Well I’m trying what you said but i have no idea on how is that supposed to look in magma flow to have it working :\


I’m traveling now, remind me in a couple weeks and I’ll help out :wink: