Has anyone received this message while trying to use the “Depth Map File Sequence” for a matte?

depthbuffer_singleface::resample() - Input size: (size2t 1920,1080) is not a valid supersample of: (size2t 512,512)


Hey guys I’m newbie.
I have done one naiad simulation and export wetmap emp format to prt format. now my question is how to use prt particle in material id in 3dsmax??
Just stuck here!..Need help guys :frowning:
I want a achieve proper wetmap result on my object.
Thanks in advanced guys :bowdown:


I want to autoanswer this, the Thinkbox guys answered me, and they told me that they’ve found a small bug where you can’t use the Depth map matte if you are using shadows in the scene, because the shadowmap size and the depth map matte “collides”, but they gave me a workaround while they fix the bug.

1.- Set your scene without the depth map matte or any other matte.
2.- make sure you have all the shadow lights active
3.- resave the particles to PRT but this time, bake the lighting into them
4.- reuse the particles with the prt loader and the lighting channel you saved, this will give you the particle shadows and lighting baked.
5.- activate ignore scene lights
6.- render the scene with your auto-lit particles



LOL, thanks for calling it “small”, but it is in fact such a HUGE bug it could star in “Starship Troopers”! :slight_smile: The whole “Initial Depth Maps” workflow is pretty much broken in 2.x and we have it on our ToDo list (as soon as the Win8 frenzy is over).
Very sorry about that!


I would like to say that I’m having the same big problems too, I really need to use depth matte because Krakatoa just keeps crashing when I add too many matte objects, and it seems to be broken in

When can we expect a patch? :slight_smile: So I can write it down in my planning.

Thanks Bobo!


Ha! Sorry about that BoBo, you guys released the new beta a couple of days ago. It all works fine now :slight_smile: Thanks anyway!


Hi there,

first of all, I did google. A lot. But after all the effort, couldn’t find the solution to correctly open Krakatoa rendered files with an alpha channel in AE. This “solution” doesn’t work:
…tried it and, although it does look ok at first, as soon as you add any layer behind it (even pure black!!) the premultiplied alpha just eats away all of the fine details.

Besides that, I tried tga, exr, tif. Tried gamma and no gamma in Max. Tried with or without color profiles in AE. Tried 32bit…

So, please, once again - has anyone ever successfully opened a krakatoa rendered file with alpha in AE, so it looks exactly like in VFB?



I do not use AE for reasons like this, but I remember AF people having used my Krakatoa renderings without any difficulties, but that was two years ago.

If one of my teammates has difficulties opening renderings from me in AE (this goes for anything and is not specifically Krakatoa related), I usually import the files into Nuke and have Nuke export the files in a format AE finds more acceptable. This did solve any problem with AE being unable to open some files so far.


AE needs improved handling for .exr, period. There is something really not right with it. Sadly, it is perfect example of third party integration not seeing proper scrutiny for current standards and proper functionality. It is a bummer since AE is the standardized tool for comping mograph.


I have made a particle simulation in maya. I want to render them in maya.
here is my problem.

1)I am unable to export lifespanPP attribute to Krakatoa.

*I used realflow bin exporter. and imported in Prt loader. I get age but no lifeSpanPP.

I want to fade particles as they die.
so i was trying to use age divided by LifespanPP. As i dont have lifespanPP i cant do that. is there any work around for this.

I have also used Maya 2 krakatoa plugin. but it does not have age and lifespanPP

i will really appreciate your help.



I have made a particle simulation in maya. I want to render them in krakatoa *


I am assuming you are talking about Krakatoa MX (3ds Max) and not the Krakatoa MY Beta for Maya.

A possible workaround would be to do the calculation via an expression in Maya itself. For example if the Color channel is not being used for anything creative, you could set up a Ramp expression that changes the color from white to black over the age of the particle, and use that in a Magma modifier to convert the Color gradient to Density and replace the Color with something else.

Right now the lifespanPP is not being saved even by the current Krakatoa for Maya build’s PRT saver we are working on. I will talk to the developer to see if we can put that in at some point. IMHO any channel available in Maya should be supported for saving, even if it does not have an obvious Krakatoa use. lifespanPP makes sense in the context of Magma channel editing, but we don’t have Magma in Krakatoa for Maya just yet.


Thanks Bobo. :slight_smile: you are always a great help. Yes I am using Krakatoa Mx(3ds max) I will try that out on monday at work. I am pretty sure gradient should work out.

As I already have age attribute in my PRT loader, I was also wondering if there is anything i can do the recall final age of each particle and store that in an channel. so basically if i can recall final age i will have lifespanPP. Its just something I thought could be helpful to have it. And you will be the best person to answer this question.

thanks again Bobo :slight_smile:


Well, you need a way to save the lifespanPP, and from your initial post it is obvious you cannot. In theory, a PRT file can contain arbitrary channels, but in the case of Maya, it depends on what the developer of the PRT saver plugin has mapped from Maya channels to Krakatoa channels. You could modify the open source Maya PRT saver to add that channel if you feel inclined (and have the necessary knowledge).
And as I mentioned, even our upcoming Krakatoa MY does not save the lifespan channel right now (although I think it should). If you are using the BIN file saving, you probably have even less control over what gets saved since the BIN file has a relatively strict data channel structure.
Use the Gradient workaround for now, and I will see if I can get the Krakatoa MY developers to add support for more channels including lifespanPP. As I explained in my previous post, saving lifespanPP makes little sense within Krakatoa MY because it is not used directly by the renderer, and there is no Magma support yet. But when sharing data with Krakatoa MX, it makes perfect sense together with Age…


well Said Bobo… thanks for all your input and time… I have learned a lot from your post as usual :slight_smile:


I have a Realflow Simualtion using Hybrido with a boat hull moving through it. Is there any info using Krakatoa on how to cull or delete particles that have little motion or are static. The idea being I can render particles that have motion white to create the effect of underwater foam.


In theory, the Velocity channel of the BIN files created in RealFlow should be enough to do that. Have you looked at this tutorial which discusses a similar situation?

You can ignore the Frost/PRT Volume multiplication part but use the “Isolating Foam By Velocity” part. Instead of or in addition to setting the Density, you could also set the Selection channel to (1.0-Density) and drop a Krakatoa Delete to delete particles with Density of 0…


Thank you Bobo, your assistance is legendary. I had read that tutorial but never made the connection to use it in that manner. Will post up some results when Real Flow has finished simulating, give it a few months.


What he said


Hi Bobo,

Is it possible to randomize the sizes of the Krakatoa particles?