Krakatoa SR for Cinema 4D to be released soon !


Krakatoa SR for Cinema 4D soon to be released by Thinkbox Software

The complete solution for particle rendering integrated into Cinema 4D R14.

We have been testing and working with Krakatoa SR since the early beta days and are now finally proud to present the announcement from Thinkbox on the official

Expect the full feature set, integration of Turbulence FD as well as support for X-Particles v.2.5 and more improvements by Thinkbox Software to bring you the best toolset possible.




Very cool Daniel, we’re being spoilt with all these high end plugins :slight_smile:
X-particles compatibility is very welcome!

Good luck on the release.



What? Arnold? :bounce:

sorry for that) Krakatoa for C4D is really exciting!


I think this will become arnold renderer thread in no time :smiley:


I don’t know what you mean, the screenshot clearly shows Krakatoa SR for Cinema 4D in action :smiley:


exciting (arnold also)! but krakatoa SR only supports Windows right?


Currently yes, this is a decision Thinkbox has to take.


So, what does this offer that in terms of rendering that X-Particles doesn’t have built in?


+1 for this tuning into an Arnold thread, more info please.


nice! c4d / krakatoa connection looks promising!

as for anrold: people are aggressively discussing ‘high’ prices for plugins like dpit,
so i don’t think arnold (at about >10k € per license) will be a big hit in the c4d community :wink:


I have no idea where you might have this info from…


Is it for one license? I thought they do not sell single licenses…


Its Krakatoa from Thinkbox, nothing more to add;)


its 1K per license , 4 licenses minimum. my last info.


oh a minimum of 10 nodes was my last info (some time ago though),
sorry! :wink:


Also interested in the answer to this question. Is it only a renderer?


And you’re the developer of this plugin?


I guess he/them are porting it for c4d,


If it’s only Windows and not for Mac, fuck it!


Adam. There’s tons of videos that highlight the strengths of Krakatoa. I think the guy is only being moderately sarcastic, assuming you would already be familiar with the tool.

KRAKATOA offers both Particle and Voxel rendering modes using the same source data. It supports volumetric and additive particle shading, texturing, high-quality particle self-shadowing and shadow casting from and onto matte objects. Per-particle Scatter, Emission, Absorption and Density data channels, as well as various Light Scattering models allow deep levels of control over the final image. Motion Blur and Depth Of Field camera effects are naturally supported.”

Krakatoa relies heavily on particle density to get the volumetric look that it’s famous for, and thankfully the new xparticles is up to that task. Without multithreaded support and the ability to produce 10’s (or even 100’s) of millions of particles, krakatoa would have been somewhat of a lame duck in C4D. Now that’s changed with the new xparticles, so we’ll have one of Max’s best tools at our disposal.