Koshigaya Script Package



[b] Koshigaya Website:[/b]
[b]  ScriptSuite with Installer (Windows only)[/b]
   [http://www.Koshigaya.de/KoshigayaStudiosScriptInstaller.rar](http://www.koshigaya.de/KoshigayaStudiosScriptInstaller.rar) (~10mb)
[b]  ScriptSuite without Installer[/b]
   [http://www.Koshigaya.de/KoshigayaStudiosScripts.rar](http://www.koshigaya.de/KoshigayaStudiosScriptInstaller.rar) (~10mb)

 [b]The Original Text I've written when I first presented them, right now there are many many more Scripts, PlugIns etc. So this text is realy out of date :)

[/b]  Hi,
   I'm here to present my new ScriptPackage for Maya :)
   It contains about 35 Scripts and a few Plug-Ins to make the live easier!
   The (in my Eyes) best Features are:
  • EdgeLoopSelect: First real working EdgeLoop!! It can select EdgeLoops even if they are BorderEdges, Stars etc… it works for ANY EdgeLoop! (It can also select the BottomCircle of a Cone etc!)

  • AnimationSnapshot: Like the Snapshot function in Maya, but with much more features (Very easy way to create a Flexo, Spiral etc!)

     - BlendShapeController: Lets you create Viewport Controller for any Attribute in a very easy way!
     - LightDome: Easy and Fast way to fake GI.
     - AutoKey: There are a few ways to set Keys in Maya:

The first way is to press S and any Attribute is Keyed… but eventually you don’t wanted to Key the Y-Translation…?? So, you rightclick any other Attribute and hit “Key Selected”… very slow way…
The second way is the Maya AutoKey… it set’s a Key when you transform your object… but… what if it only was a test transformation??? You have to delete the Key manually… also… not very good :wink:
Now the Koshigaya AutoKey starts to work! You can specify some Attributes and if you click the Key button, it sets a Keyframe only for those Attributes who have changed since the last Keyframe!

    - CopySkinWeights: Very fast way to CopySkinWeights.
    - BlendShapeMirror: With this Script, you can Mirror any BlendShape!
   and much more Scripts :)
   (The other PackageBasics like EdgeRing etc are included also ;) )
  PS: A CHM Help is also Included!


I am downloading thas I type this. This seems to be great from the description!! Thanks alot. I always have trouble getting scripts to work, installing them always seems to be hit and miss with me.

Thanks again for putting these up.


I can’t install the scripts from an exe file because I am on a mac. :cry:
Is there anywhere to download the Mel scripts as they are?

Cheers :thumbsup:


I can’t believe it!! This is the way all script and plugins should be installed. I have only begun to play around with them and they work amazing!

Thank you again.

Why can’t all things Maya install this easily?:thumbsup:


“Why can’t all things Maya install this easily?”

Because there is a kind of People out there that likes to have influence instead of being blind users/consumers :twisted:


Edge Loop that works!!!
I can’t believe!!!

I just downloaded the scripts and start doing some tests with it. And it works!!!
Before this script was a nightmare.

Thanks!!! I’ll keep testing it and another scripts when I have more time.:thumbsup:


downloading and testing today in the evening. thanks! :wink:


AyaKoshigaya, sounds interesting though it seems like its a windows only package(Ahhhh damn those mll files) edge loops has worked pretty well with MP Poly Tools though not edge borders. Any chance of a linux version(and one for the MAC guys too I guess)

Nice job


PS:You guys cant be serious about having trouble installing scripts, put it in your scripts folder and run it, nearly as easy as point and click!


Thank you! This seems like a great set of plugins just downloaded so will test now


Playing with it right now, this is very impressive and lots of useful scripts are included!

Thanks a lot AyaKoshigaya!


:bounce: :bounce: RESPECT!!! This time is for real!!! When i read “…and much more…” my breath stop, 'cos many time much more means that there’s no more… lol

Thanks for the wonderfull pack!



thanks for your compliments :slight_smile:

If you find any bugs or have questions, please tell me… this is the first real publication of the Scripts, so you are the BetaTesters :wink:

Ah… and if anyone have an idea for a script that’s missing in the Package… just tell me, i’ll see what I can da :slight_smile:


PS: I’ll upload a Non-EXE Package tonight :wink: (so the MEL Scripts should work fine on a Mac… eventually I could recompile the MLL Files on a Mac too…)


Thanks for the wonderfull pack!

I second that … amazing stuff in there … definitive !!!


Couldn´t test it, because I can´t unzip it (Strange File size: 866KB zipped).
I get the following error-messages in winRAR:

C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Administrator\Desktop\
KoshigayaStudiosScriptInstaller.rar: CRC failed in KoshigayaStudiosScriptInstaller.exe. The file is corrupt

C:\Dokumente und Einstellungen\Administrator\Desktop\
KoshigayaStudiosScriptInstaller.rar: Unexpected end of archive

Cannot execute “C:\DOKUME~1\ADMINI~1\LOKALE~1\Temp\Rar$EX00.086\KoshigayaStudiosScriptInstaller.exe”

Edit: Downloaded it this morning on an german forum and got the same problems. I´m using a modem.

Edit 2: The little downlaod windows shows a file size of 2,80 MB. So it´s definitly something local. Re-trying till it works :slight_smile:


I think your download is corrupted… just download it again (and you need WinRAR3.0)




Thanks for the gorgeous series of plugins and scripts. This should be plugged somewhere so that even those who doesn’t look for them shall find it and those who find them will have to look at it. :slight_smile:


Hi again,

I’ve put 2 new Scripts into the Package… :slight_smile:

1.) Koshigaya Rename
With this, you can easily rename a whole bunch of objects with RegularExpressions… for example, you can select 20 Objects and type as name “R_#NAME#”… now any Object will habe a “R_” in front of it’s old name… or you can type in “#NAME#CNT13#” now the Objects will hold their old name and get a Incremental number that starts with 13 at the end… etc … :slight_smile:

2.) Koshigaya Find Intersecting Faces
I needed this today… so I coded it :wink: It shows you Faces that are intersecting… I needed it, because a Cloth Simulation can’t realy handle Faces that are Intersecting… the Cloth explodes… and since I have many many BlendShapes in my Character there should be asolutly no Intersections :slight_smile: (You need only select the Faces you want check, hit the button and the Intersecting faces are marked red :slight_smile: )

Hope you like it!




You should tag some sort of version number and change notes so that those who downloaded or those installed will know if they have the latest and what has been changed since the last update. And maybe an uninstall process and mel icons in case we want to get those scripts into shelves. :thumbsup:

We also need a plugin to easily view, study or manage more than one projects without reopening and closing all the time or using too many mouse clicks. And anything more interactive would be welcomed.


One last Hi again for today :wink:

I’ve added a little feature to the EdgeLoopSelect…!

Now… if you select 2 Edges in a EdgeLoopLine, the EdgeLoop will be only between these two edges… so, if you have a laaaarge EdgeLoop, but only need 10 Continuous Edges of this loop, you’ll have to deselect the other Edges… with this new feature, you can select the first and the last Edge of your desired EdgeLoop, and tada~~ :wink:


PS: The Downloadling again (so you don’t need to go back to page 1):
http://www.koshigaya.de/KoshigayaStudiosScriptInstaller.rar (~3mb RAR File)