Kong Lau-Dominance War III Entry, Josh Singh (3D)


Title: Kong Lau-Dominance War III Entry
Name: Josh Singh
Country: USA
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush

This is my entry into this years Dominance War Competition.
I wanted to make a sort of Monkey King type character for a while now. It was made In 3dstudio max and Zbrush3. I used a variety of methods to model him. I start with a basmesh that has enough edgeloops for what I want to do, go into zbrush and try to get it close to the concept and keep any “Happy Accedents” that may occur.
I used a lot of displacment modeling with custom alphas for the armor and rope.
and for the hair, I used a custom alpha in projection master using the Artdeco Brush.
Ambient Occlusion was made in a program called “Phaogen”. and all maps where hand Painted over the AO Bake in Photoshop. I hope you guy like! :slight_smile:


Cool character!


Here are Some other Shots:

High Poly Construction shot:

Low Poly Construction Shot:

Map Function Shot:

Required “Winning Pose”:

Concept Sheet:



Awesome character! Love the stance. He means business!


Simply AMAZING !!:drool:
Congrat just for send this type of character and style to dominance war !
Original and beautiful .
This style make me feel to kung fu panda , it’s make for ?


Great job! Very impressive.


Excellent Job


ooh, awesome style / design


Wow excellent job! Great pose, very menacing!


Thats just great, well done, very nice design and very interesting detailing, awesome!


This is just amazing,i love it,very well executed and sure he looks stud! :bounce:
4 stars ****


Very good and original character, congrats !


Heh Josh I really like your finished piece for DW3 , great style, it has a nice classic 2d feeling to it. You have created a really expressive character. Well done


Very nice job! Also love all the pics you added (concept, maps etc.). Well done!


Thats one awesome character! Good job:cool:
Colors and design are great!


A well made character must be voted

Its refreshing to see a not clasic subjet, keep doing it :thumbsup:


amazing character Josh, I really love all of your stuff man, great inspiration for newbies artists like myself =]
keep with your good work, and good luck on the contest!


awesome work, i love it all, and thank you for posting ur texturemaps. :slight_smile: it helps alot for me, being a student and all.


Awesome… that’s one of the coolest characters I’ve seen in a while.


Wow! Thank you so much for the kind remarks guys! It’s feels nice to have something I worked on in my personal time, get such positive remarks :slight_smile:
I just noticed the cool little award there under my avatar. Hahahah, awesome!