Kong Diary :Digital Double





just saw it, cool stuff.
The hair and texture are well done.


jep, really awsome hair!

these king kong diarys a really a great thing :thumbsup:


Yes, I saw it earlier this day… amazing. At one point I let the video run through 3 seconds over and over again but other as the missing shadow I couldn’t find an error. Amazing.


…missing shadow and not yet animated stiff hands, but that doesn’t matter here - visual quality of this digital double seems to be really outstanding :slight_smile:


Great stuff… and of course only for maya users… Just kiddin’
I love to lurk into other 3d departments. Weta is the place to be!!
Tell this to mr.Lucas and mr. ILM (!)



I’m sure Lucas and ILM are shaking in their boots. ILM has only worked on what, 15 or so films this year. Weta has worked on one, perhpas two. Weta, as good as they are, can’t even tote ILM’s jock strap. Weta owes it’s mere existence to the pioneering efforts of ILM achieved decades before anyone had ever even heard of Weta.

Judging by the not so great impressions of the Kong teaser, they better get on the stick.


I don’t know where this resentment of Weta comes from. I hope it’s just a response to the cheerleading in the previous post.

Weta is doing A-list work, up there with ILM and other top players in the industry. I look forward to seeing Kong when it comes out.



Well, ILM are a HUGE company. Weta Digital have a few hundred people. Apples and oranges really.


I wouldn’t worry about the effects for King Kong :wink:
cant wait to see the movie


Very impressive stuff! :thumbsup:

Terrell - I am sure Weta don’t care what anonymous people on the web think about their work :rolleyes: The fact that Weta choose to focus on only one or two projects at a time is the reason why their work is of such stellar quality. I can’t say the same for ILM, who produce fantastic effects on some films, and very average work on others.


AFAIK ILM’s CG department is about 450-500 people, so it’s not that much bigger either.


ROFL! Bwaaa haaa haaaaaaa! Oh my god seriously…haha…hahahahahahaha…whew. Man you gotta stop with that.

Okay. sniff Heh heh. Man.







ahhhh maaannn this is such cool stuff, i really can’t wait to see KK



Hey, Ly - I dont think you are right in this one. ILM is a lot bigger than Weta, in terms of the number of employees. At least double, I would say and even SPI has more employees, but it really does not matter. ILM has produced many-many brilliant VFX work in the past, but they did some not so nice as well (as probably every VFX house in this business).
The quality of the work depends on soo many things, from the VFX sups till the people who are actually doing the stuff and dont forget the time they have available. So, this is not just down to the pure numbers.

Ah, and dont mention, there are soo many ex ILM dudes at Weta, crazy.


Well the funny thing is that probebly atleast 50% of the people who work at Weta have worked at ILM and visa versa . Movie industry artists fallow the jobs . The only real diffrence between ILM and Weta is senior managment ! I mean look at the resume of any movie artist and you will see they have pretty much whored around at ever studio …Tippet,ILM,Weta,Digital Domain…etc etc


Where the hell did that come from? :curious:

Anyway, the CG work seems pretty impressive. If I end up seeing King Kong, it will most definitely just be for the special effects.


The quality of the work WETA is producing is very high level in every compartment, from miniatures to creatures to ther kind of sfx. so, if its true that at their time ILM setup the technologies giving to life to procedures and softwares now used by other studios in production, the current situation is different.

Things evolved greatly thanx to ILM, but also to DD, PIXAR and many other studios, SFX artists, programmers and all kinda technicians. tools are becoming common between studio and studio, technologies too, so we’re no more on pioneering period, not pioneers have to be necessarily located at ILM.
They’re everywhere.

Its the use of these same technologies that makes the difference.

With LOTR trilogy WETA really raised the bar of quality on sfx, introduced the use of applications like Zbrush actually influencing their development.
Designed from the ground up a great part of the Tolkien universe, with make up, miniatures, costumes, CG , sfx .
Finally, gave life to the best CG actor of movie history so far : Gollum.

ILM work is great too. and they were actually pioneers at their time , when producing SFX for a movie like Star Wars was considered impossible to achieve.

But bashing WETA work because of that is plain wrong.


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