Kon-Tiki Film VFX - Some of the best vfx I have seen.


Stumbled upon this today and it really goes to show what a small team of dedicated and talented guys can do! No need for an army. I honestly believe this is some of the best vfx I have ever seen - I could be biased as I am a massive shark (Jaws) fan and this is something I’ve been waiting to see in vfx. Important Looking Pirates VFX deserve a big award and in turn I am just doing my little bit to get work that deserves being seen in the lime light. :thumbsup:



That is some seriously good work. Especially the photoreal lighting/shading/rendering.

Their page talks about a proprietary render engine called “Tempest” being used to render particles and blood.

I wonder if all of it is rendered with Tempest, or just particles and volumetrics?

In any case, that’s some of the best work VFX I’ve seen in a long time. These folks did a really good job on it.


It is really good work, but nowhere near the best vfx I have ever seen. D-neg, DD, ILM, weta all routinely make better stuff than that, IMHO.


Looking great, I’m specially proud because the friend of mine did amazing water simulations :slight_smile:
It wouldn’t be fair to compare ILP with ILM, Weta … because in all honesty their number of employees is much much smaller, maybe like a one department of those giants, therefore they did better job imho.


I agree they did an amazing job for what it is. But, I was just saying, it’s not the best vfx I have ever seen. But if you’re talking about best quality, the final result is all that matters, not how many or who worked on it. How many times have we heard that about demo reels and students giving excuses for how little time they had, etc…


I think being a small studio does give them some “extra credit” since they don’t have the resources ILM or Weta does, but in the end, the work is the work, and that’s some very nice work.

Some epic water and nicely done everything in this, too…



That does look really great. It’s nice to see some small operations compete with the big ones.


Thats my point, the size of that team, concentrated talent and hard work proves you don’t always need an army to produce great vfx… sometimes the smaller and more intricate the project the better - Looper is another great example of this. They do a much better job than say Transformers or Star Wars for me personally. The work seems to shine with more passion somehow and its unique… I haven’t seen sharks this good in any feature film - so for that reason its the best shark vfx yet. Something that should have been in the Pirates films at some point. Plus great animation and comping because unlike all the stuff the bigger studios tend to do (tent pole summer blockbusters) this stuff is hard to pull off because we have all seen sharks in their environment and thus we know what to look out for and therefore we can sub consciously scrutinise it much more making it a harder job to pull off… no one knows what aliens look like so you have free reign. :wink:


Overall all studios involved with Kon-Tiki produced some amazing shots.

Here are some work by other studios involved.
Fido: https://vimeo.com/48126970
Storm Studios: https://vimeo.com/48314160 https://vimeo.com/49685755 https://vimeo.com/49685754
gimpVille: https://vimeo.com/48170033


Wow - thanks for the post.

There is some seriously good stuff there, especially with regards to fluid sims.



Some great VFX stuff there. I think I’m gonna have to see this film.


yeah Its not in teal and orange

superb work ilp


The book was amazing, very inspirational. I recommend it to everyone. Really took some guts to do what Thor and his crew did…I cant wait to see this film.



That. Is. Amazing. The way they blended cg with real footage is just perfect. :argh:


Yeah. The most realistic shark VFX I’ve seen in any film.

Will watch it when it comes to Bluray/DVD.


Wow and wow again. That was so incredibly real, I would never have guessed any CG was used if I hadn’t been told here. For a small team of people to pull that off is nothing less than a miracle in my opinion.


:eek: great work
thanks for sharing


I’m happy to hear that you like it. :slight_smile:

There were about 500+ VFX shots in total that were done by the Scandinavian VFX studios Fido, Gimpville, Important Looking Pirates and Storm Studios. All the online VFX (creating new water horizons etc) were done by Storyline Studios and California Post in Norway. A crew of around 150 artists in total. The VFX budget was a fraction of what is normal in a typical Hollywood movie, but I think the quality is top notch. Super talented artists all around that made my job as a VFX & Animation Supervisor much easier.

The movie opened up here in Norway in August and is due for release worldwide early next year. We have also made an all English spoken version of the movie, and we shot all dialogue scenes twice. First in Norwegian, then in English for the international version. And due to this we also had to recreate a lot of the VFX and background matte paintings twice for those shots…

Here is a trailer with English subtitles:
Kon-Tiki trailer

Arne :slight_smile:

Kon-Tiki VFX & Animation Supervisor


And here is a full 10-minute VFX Breakdown Reel for you all to enjoy:

Kon-Tiki 10-minute VFX Breakdown Reel

Arne :slight_smile:

Kon-Tiki VFX & Animation Supervisor


I am stunned…They just did it best…:bounce: they nailed the sharks…:buttrock:

outstanding work