This is a short animation i am working on…this is just the first part…still a WIP obviously…but it will be 2 boxers fighting and one getting knocked out…

More to come as I finish working on it!


Here is some more work i did…i have turned him around a full 180 and added in a jab and a duck under…with some extra rope’a’dope…i think i may take out the duck and just continue with the punch combo after the rope’a’dope…


He feels a little stiff right now. I would try and get some more dynamic poses

He also is moving a little slow. Watch some reference of boxers they’re very quick on their feet/fast

Hope this helps!


That jab needs to be quicker, he needs to be hopping around way more, and taking a lot more steps in general. Nice start though, keep at it.


Don’t forget some anticipation in there, will make the dynamic poses hit harder.


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