Knight, XueSong Wu (3D)


Title: Knight
Name: XueSong Wu
Country: China

In addition to rendering and materials, other work done in ZBRUSH


Nice work, Material is very good, looks very real :thumbsup: !


wow!! nice~!:thumbsup:
What is your QQ number is?


Thank you for your evaluation. My qq number is 1549456189.


very nice work :slight_smile:


the armour looks incredible…
nice project


Wow, the texture work is amazing! And the face looks very realistic too!


Ooo! Excellent job! Its very realistic man. I like his look


I really like this…great job!


Usually not one for portraits, but this I really like. Even tho the bg is minimal, is does “work”. Can’t help but wonder how well the subject would look with an equally stunning bg though :slight_smile:




Very nice, congrats!
Could use a little kick light in the back somewhere so it has a little pop to it.


I really love the textures. beautiful piece of work. Would luv to see him animated.



very nice work mate!,great textures
best regards


Great work!!!


Absolutely amazing work!!




It really is quite good, but I’ve seen better around here…and it didn’t get front-paged.

The bg is simple, yes, in the way that it looks like a blurry pic, the skin is way too waxy for 2011 but the head modelnig and the shader on the armor are niiice!


I’m so sick of “waxy” comments for human skin shading. It’s always the immediate retort for a character render that doesn’t look like a photo. If the critic knows anything about SSS they should expound on “waxy” (and work to back it up would convince [me] to pay attention). Besides, are the scattering qualities of skin and wax that different? There must be a reason wax museums use wax to make confusingly realistic celebrity statues.

Let’s be helpful, if the artist asks for help. Not take jaded jabs at a beautiful image.

XueSong Wu - The image looks great! Very well, done - can’t wait to see more from you.


Thank you for your evaluation, the opinion is very helpful to me. Recently are playing a game called Mount&Blade Warband, so do a such work, I on the ancient warrior armor and dress very fascinating, both east and west. I was preparing for the song dynasty China soldiers armour and material, the next works may make a song dynasty soldiers against the invasion of Mongolia battle scenes.