Knight - Soul Of The Ultimate Nation, An Jungsik (2D)


Great pose and great details.


Amazing 2D rendering , and really good design !
5 star cause I can’t give you 6 for technical problem :smiley:


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!-!-!-!-!greate work! super design - very ‘anatomical’ everything compairs exellent !-!-!-!-!
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Oh my god How how how did you doooo that.

You must not human…

It’s awesome. Hoping you are not human.


I shat my pants again


well done.great conformation.


Awesome!!! At first glance it looked 3d to me :smiley:


[left]great design, i like it. :cool:


I love the realism you gave to the materials… I would like to have your same quality in my concepts :eek:


Great stuff. Reminds me of concept art for Diablo I. Webzen has some good talent working for them.


wow…great worked.


I should have specified some notion that :

Our character concept team has 2 parts. Concept part and Illustration part.

Concept part makes conceptual designs just likes some sketching, description of some items that it has… etc.
and, the Illustration team does mostly redering and painting as realistic as possible to make sure the 3D people understand what’s going on specifically when modeling.

Surely, this pic was made through this process.

The origianl concept sketch is a result of the other guys[concept part], not me.

Thanks for your reading and comments.


i really like the lighting on the armor, gives it a 3d feel to it. very nice


just took a look at your website, wooooooooow… i mean woooooooooooooow…

No, now seriously woooooow


Nice work, Ziro!!! I have seen the designs for SUN (Soul of the Ultimate Nation) since last year. I really admire the team and your design works. I tried to find the info about SUN’s concept designers for a long time ,but now I know whose behind the awesome works! Anyone who don’t know Webzen’s SUN (Soul of the Ultimate Nation) should check the awesome artworks!!! SUN is in open-beta right now in Korea and will release the game in the U.S. next year! I am looking forward to it!!! Btw, Ziro, did you go to school in Korea, and what are your favorite artists? Do you also have sketches samples before the render? Once again, I really admire your work! You are one talented artist. Thank you for the great art! You are my inspirator!

Check out SUN’s concept design:


nice pic. I like this style.very nice


i like it.


Oh my God~~~ even 3D also not easy to get this kind of feeling, good good good~~


It looks like a 3d model :slight_smile: amazing reflaction and specular work on the chestplate and the other metal parts. Congratulations!


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