Knight - Soul Of The Ultimate Nation, An Jungsik (2D)


Title: Knight - Soul Of The Ultimate Nation
Name: An Jungsik
Country: Korea (South)
Software: Photoshop

Hi, nice to meet you . I upload to CGTalk for the first time.
I am illustrator An Jungsik from Korea that is using nickname named Ziro.
This picture is knight character that appear to MMORPG Soul of the Ultimate Nation that make in company WEBZEN in the Korea.
Then, will upload next again.^^
Visit if want to see more my works.^^ ::


wow,really great work!! I love this one

If there is a sword with him ,I think it could be better


nice textures,lighting and metal feeling on the armor~pretty good concept,good job!keep post here again and again~cheers~:thumbsup:


…greatmade image with great 3D-plasticity :thumbsup:


-cheerZ- :wavey:


Yes this image is GREAT!

  1. correct light and shadow construction
  2. Interesting idea
  3. perfect coloring and texturing
    Good Luck!


Fantastic design and style! I like it very much 5stars :thumbsup:


Nice! Lighting, caracter design, textures! everything is cool!


besides what the otherssai I’m really liking the skintones they’re very natural and very classical! Wow. :thumbsup:


Awesome design man, and the lightning adds a lot too!


sure this aint 3d? awesome design, very realistic and the armor is incredibaly rendered.


i like it very much~~
learn from the senior ones:)


Amazing. The texture on the surfaces is great. Very realistic


Holy crap, that is amazing!
REALLY solid, 3d feel and fantastic detailing on the armour - especially the leather straps on his midriff. Good, robust pose and proportions too.
I thought it was rendered at first!

5 stars and a frontpage, i say!


Wow dude… very nice indeed. Very solid and detailed texturing! I agree… front page! Oh and congrats on your site… so much good work!


Wo wo! So solid and detailed look, amazing detail and colours. Outstanding! Great image.


I saw your website. Very inspiring work!:slight_smile:

really solid character design. keep on posting your work!!:thumbsup:



Quality work. Very solid and strong design.

I’m not to much of a fan of the shadows/tones on the cape, as the seem very washed out and flat. They could be darker to give more depth.

Lovely otherwise.



I thought it was a 3d game model
but I’m wrong
Excellent 2d image
5 for you


really good man!!! congratulations



really good buddy!!! congratulations