knight-errant, Yong Cheung (2D)


Title: knight-errant
Name: Yong Cheung
Country: China
Software: Photoshop

The creation tries to imitate Chinese Painting, drops the 3D, texture and other elements and highlights the "impression"and “vitality”, in order to let Chinese people understand the spirit of knight. Meanwhile, bamboo represents the “light” “clearance “” quiet"and” comely ".


this is very perfect pose and I love ink pic coool :wink:


Wicked! nicely done:beer:


Definately like this style.


It’s amazing! :bowdown: :thumbsup:
Can you tell me how to imitate the ink feeling? Did you use any special brushes?


It does feel like a “Chinese Painting”. Great inking Yong.


Great painting and great composition! Very impressive! Congrats!


amazing piece. the brushwork is fantastic.


Intense yet calm.Love it.



Yeah! Bring bake the old-school traditional gesture painting ! That rocks.

Great imitation. Even the way the ink diffuse gives the impression of soft paper.

Guess it was at least done with a tablet, hope not with a mouse?!


nice brushstrokes, nice concept, nice expression :buttrock:


This is a great Wuxia image that really dodges all the typical Wuxia images used in HK and China.

I applaud your sense of vision. The hero is strong, masculine… and not the “typical Wuxia hero”. And yet, he still looks like a hero.

Great work!


Wow !

Can you share your process ? That’s a great piece, congratulations.
I loved everything about it. :slight_smile:


great work ! ~:applause:



Nice work.
I like this style.


I like the traditional Chinese style painting. And this pic is really powerful as well. :slight_smile:


fantastic image mate. I am now currently using it as desktop. Awesome.


That’s great. The shadows and volume on the hands are so well described that they feel like 3D in the good sense. Very elegant and controllod use of tones and lines.


This is just awesome.
I can’t say no more, this is what I’ve been waiting for, traditional meets technology.

Would you please share if you don’t mind, the technique you use.



nice work as usuall what brushes did you use or other custom made, either way i dont wanna fight that guy