Kneel - A Silent Hill style creature


I like the skin texture on the fat guy - especially his mouth!
The skinny one also has a good profile and shape - not sure about the legs though…
Nice work! keep us posted


Todays update!
The modeling is finished and it is surprisingly low at 1768 triangles!
Started texturing too. A fair amount of the mapping so far is comprised of baked radiosity, as well as 2 or 3 different baked fractal noise procedurals to give the tricky UV seams some detail. Very little specific detail has been painted. I settled on the shiny, veiny, cellular look rather than the crusty, rotted look, but i will add lots more detail later - the map is only about 25% finished right now, so the wierd underpants will probably be changed, and patches of sewn skin and bindings / straps will be added later. Im using 1 1024 map.
Im pretty chuffed with it so far - the fractal ‘worm’ effect really adds to it, but it looks washed out on the render compared to the 100% luminant screen grabs.
Any ideas on the look and the details are welcome.


can’t see any of your images :frowning:


Forget it i see them :stuck_out_tongue:


I know - they sometimes screw up on mine too - keep refreshing the page until they display - i think my host is acting a bit spazzy at the moment.
They will display, it just sometimes requires a bit of ‘F5’ ing.


good !

woman’s head just as Sadako the second (the killer one )

Anyway, I would have changed the legs posture, rather squatted. For the wrists, I would imagine the visible stubs full with blood & bones, which exceed flesh.


Oh… there’s a remake of Juon coming sometime soon Trailer with Sarah Michele Gellar!!! I think Sam Raimi is producing it. I had a strange feeling when I saw his name quoted on the the VCD cover of the original, that he might end up doing it.

Hollyw$$d seems to love remaking (read as cashing in on) Asian films. The Ring (which was really good( They are apparently re-doing The Eye, and now Juon… :banghead:


Ok! Ive finshed the texturing!
If theres any really good ideas or crits about its current look, i may go back and tweak it, but for now, all thats left is to rig it and to make an environment for it to shamble about inside.

I went for the pale, blotchy, cellular look, because it is a creature, not a ‘monster’ mutilated through some unholy means. For it to have messed up patches of skin and straps kinda ruins the ‘purity’ of it and makes it look less natural - less feasible. I put a strange fishnet blend on the legs to enhance them and make them more ‘sexy’ for lack of a better word. The femininity of this character plays a big part in it, cos youre drawn in by the curves and form, and repulsed by the complexion and deformities.

Pics at the top are solely textures - no lighting or shadows from the viewport. Pics at the bottom are renders with the 1024 spec and bump maps applied, and simple soft shadows (the silent hill gfx engine CAN do soft, self shadowing, so its ok)

Lemme know if you think it looks alright.


Andy man where do you work this is some frieking amazing stuff .
the concept is just sheer evil. and i mean in a good way lol
cant wait to see some animations

the knee could use some more polys because
suppose it goes into a game engine and you have it crawling along the flor i would like to see it on her knees and not on a point of the knee
it would just give a more sense of weight (on her knees) if they were flat on the floor and not sticking up on a point
hope i am making sense
make the edge a face so its flat on the floor


Thanks for the comments - i definately agree with the knee thing - ive got loads of polys to spare, and yeah - seeing it crawling on kneepoint would look odd. Im gonna have a hard time rigging it cos the deformed biped rig ive made has constraints that wont be practical for this kind of character. I need to be able to plant the elbows and knees to the floor using constrained IK and have them control the hips / shoulders when they move - i really, really wanna do an animation - movement is what makes the silent hill games’ monsters so unique, but ive only been using max for a couple of months, and my rigging skills in general are a bit naff let alone in software im newly familiar with…


really really really GREAT ! :thumbsup:


Sweet model there Andy! I like the texture a lot, the colours work and the specular map really adds to it.

Some things that look a little odd to me is the webbing between her limbs and body, it looks a little too straight/sharp, you would expect it to be a bit more curved maybe. And some of the places, top of the head, knees (already mentioned) could maybe use a few more poly’s if it fits in your budget.

Furthermore a different approach to the design would be to have the woman’s back facing the ground, basicly flip her over and have the baby come out of her belly :smiley: , but then again that might have beendone a bit too much without the baby already.
Anyway, can’t wait for those animations! :bounce:


Really nice Andy, definitely creepy. The blue tones lend itself really well to the skin. I think the real time shots look better than the renders though - looks more like skin, very thin skin, must say I’m not a fan of the specular or shadowing thats happening in those renders too. I like the fishnet, with the redness around them it almost looks like she was grilled. :eek:


thats really interesting…i dont quite know what it is but it looks cool! i think you could use more detail on the textures.


yes!! It’s really disgusting… the concept is real crazy and disturbed, the skin is real… hem cadaveric!



That is so disturbing, Andy! I would not want her in a Halloween contest…awesome model. Question in mind however, are you going to use bump mapping, for things like the scales on the legs, or skin pores…?

Just curious. BTW…you rock!


Cheers folks!
She / It is pretty much done now. Finished skinning it, with ok results, but it breaks up a bit in a few extreme poses. Gotta do an environment now - just gotta think of something intresting to make for it. Im thinking grimy hotel corridoor or a chintzy bedroom.
Im feeling kinda inadequate after seeing the awesome doom 3 - all those scary monsters with their lovely bump mapped textures and all…
Im dying to run these pics through photoshop and make it contrasty and dirty, but for game purposes, this is a straight render with the bump and spec maps on, and with a simple spotlight with soft shadows. The poses are not really representive of the creatures movements - i very much dbout it will be able to crouch like that, but it looks cool anyway.


thats freakin creepy man, nice job!


you should submit that to the creators or at least the head designer


Ya, The crouch one is (third one so) is nice. Perhaps a walking cycle like Gollum would be cool. A bastard animation between gollum walking cycle (juste when he’s walking like a monkey) and the little huh…baby who’s rotating on the woman’ back.

Nice job Andy, u rock.

Oh and, about Doom 3 against Silent hill series, I rather prefer play a game with a true story, good graphics than playing a wonderfull game without my brain, like Doom. :wink: (but…‘IT’ will arrive in France the August13th, I’m really excited, anyway.)


Wow, you’ve definatly captured the essence of the silent hill monsters… Though what bothers me is that you’ve only put 2 pictures of pyramid head, and it’s hard to make them out… Either way… Here’s a pyramid head sketch… That captures the feel of the Silent Hill 2 Pyramid head.

Trust me on this one… Use this as a reference to make some of the most menacing SH styled monsters… Pyramid head has captured all of the Silent Hill essence… ALL OF IT… Into one monster design… It’s incredible how much you can do with just one little monster… This picture will help you point out the abstractness, the menacing look, and pure evil of Silent Hill styled works… Hope this helps! :slight_smile: