Kneel - A Silent Hill style creature


Thought i’d have a bash at an inhuman model - ive been making too many humans recently.
Just as I was going to post, I noticed theres another silent hill type monster doin the rounds on the forum! Creepy coincidence!! We need more of these types of creature because they are not your run off the mill scary beasties. Theyre messed up, human, yet inhuman, peversely sexual, deformed and decayed. A big factor on their psychological impact is their totally inhuman movement and the attraction / repulsion ideal of horror.
Take a look at my inspiration pic i cobbled together and youll see what i mean:

Playing SH 2 and 3 again, as well as seeing fantastic trailers for SH4 made me realise the potential of this kind of character, so, after watching the making of silent hill 2 & 3 DVDs, it really inspired me to have a go at designing something similar - heres the initial ideas made with the base of my last model:

And here is the chosen idea at its current stage - its only the roughed out shape - i will add details and refine the model soon.

I tried to create the most messed up thing my fragile mind could imagine, so i played on the sexual ideal and mixed in elements of dodgy fetish stuff. The idea is that the legs are wrapped or encased in skin and the arms are ‘webbed’ The head will either be a skin hood, or i might leave it so i can use the hair to obscure the face. If it still looks too ordinary, i might go nuts and put a little midget ‘rider’ stitched to its back :eek:

Sorry if i sound like a lunatic or something, but i wanna do something EVIL :twisted:

If anyone else out there has a more twisted mind, then please, contribute!


men, everytime I see you in a forum, and I see that picture you have, I imagine you are just like the picture, and then I dont know why I imagine how your voice would sound like, and it makes the whole post hilarius, its weird i dont know, but cool since, you are the only one in the whole forum that transmits me that kind of feeling.

anyway, I like this kind of art to, getting away from the clean look of traditional game art, and the picture you showed are really cool, knowing your work Im looking forward to this !!


Looking for to seeing some messup up stuff!


HAHA I got the same feeling with that thing in your avatar man :wink:

Looks great, face doesnt look feminine anough though, except, Im not sure if that will really matter…shudders


jaja good I though I was the only one, hope you dont get angry its just your avatar is so funny


heheh - thanks!

It should be a nice break modeling a jerking, slimy, dirty rotten er… thing for a change!
And just like the blood spattered corpse in a bunny costume from silent hill 3, Im glad my cheeky avatar can inject some unlikely humour into this gloomy topic :smiley:

As for the head - its meant to be in a skin “bag” at the moment, so the features will be simplified - not sure if i wanna go with it or not. I think it looks like a gimpy human, but then again - some SH monsters are just crusty human beings and they still scare the shat outta you because of the inhuman way they move and sound.
As illustrated by Silent Hill, Ring and Ju-On, Scariness in japanese films are all based on inhuman movement rather than appearance. Ju-On illustrated this perfectly - a ordinary (if slightly pale) girl was made really creepy by giving her a jerky, unnatural crawl combined with creaking / cracking noises and head tremors - with no blood, no CG and no dripping fangs!


Andy H your model looks cool!!Great work but i think you should “hide” or completly “remove” his head.As you see none of the silent hill monster has a face.


hehehe… looking good so far… strange thing is that model reminds me of spiderman for some bizarre clapped out reason!? o_O shrugs i can imagine your SCARY, CRAZY creature with two heds! and the midget on the back… hahah! thats a cool ass idea!!! heehee

… we all know your not really 3d artist andy h… and that you’re really a mad scientist genius!? muhahahahahaha!! :twisted:

… think i need sleep… >_<;;;;

…to scared to go to bed after seeing this thread… nightmares


HELLLLOOO NURSE:scream: any i to thought of what andy voice would sound like it sounds like to me like bugsy the cartoon mobster from the looney toons shows Mehan See.

back on track if i had my chance to make one of these which i do but choose not to for i lack the horror aspect in my mind. I would make a decayed doll like women that looks like she had different body part added to her body with barbwire stiching No eyes thick lips and shark like teeth…maybe i do have a thing for horror


Hey Andy

Nice to see you trying new things . . . its always good to push yourself in new directions.

I really like this idea, but I definately think you should go for the midget rider idea.

I am envisioning this wierd gimp like thing with straps encompassing its face with its body stiched to the bigger body at the butt (butt to butt) and then with its feet stiched to the upper back.

If you arent going to do the midget, then maybe you should also web some skin from the arm to legs aswell, and from the peak of the butt arch to the back of its head . . maybe combine that with the midget idea . . . just throwing things out. :smiley:

What could also be very very creepy is if the high heels were encompassed with skin as well, but its transclucent/torn away at certain parts, so you can see the actual shoe is under the skin/flesh.

Or another cool idea for the feet would be to expose the actual feet and totally deform and break all the toes. Would look super creepy . . . you could have bones protruding through the joints . . .

I really love the super deformed/broken fingers you have going in your 3 model ideas (which all look great by the way) and I hope you are going to do that to the main model. :smiley:

Silent Hill as always seemed extra creepy . . its monsters are this wierd mockery of the human form . . . creepy.

I can’t wait to see more.

It will be great . . use this oppertunity to really experiment with your painting technique. Doing puffy/rotten flesh will be a great change to experiment with colour palletes.




Now Andy, I think you can be a lot sicker and twisted than you are. Now if her hands were bound and they where shoved through her mouth and where poping out of the back of her head with a rusty pipe perventing her from pulling her hands from the hole in her head, and she straps that kept her from useing feet and her only way of movement was to use her joints. Now that would be sicker. Oh, how about this one an unborn bloody fetus with its skull cavity empty being the enemy, but its slow because it drags it’s dead mother by the umbilical cord. The mother should be face down and in a tatered cheerleaders uniform. OOOh i gots another one. lets say a human got sliced or ripped from the bottom of the right side of the neck to the top left side of the hip, making a 45 degree slice. Next some unworldly creature took a mirror and stuck in that cut so that when this enemy came at you, you would see yourself in the reflection, or you could replace the mirror with a picture of the mona lisa or somthing. Damn thats a good idea. I’m going to call up Toshiro Tateno (big wig at konami, he gave me his business when he was really really drunk one night, i don’t know why he did, i didn’t ask for it) and tell him about my KILLER ideas.


Thanks for all your messed up ideas!
YerEvilTwin - I really like the mirror idea, and the baby / mother thing is just SICK! :scream: Id love to see you try and make one of these great ideas you have, but be sure to put a warning on them though! all them kiddies out there will be scarred for life! Methinks youve viewed one too many cannibal corpse album covers :slight_smile:
Speve o - i was gonna do the skinned heels thing - it would look really wierd. Ive got to tread carefully with the texturing cos thats whats gonna make it look smart. I will make the hair pure black, and have the top of her head black (like its really decayed or something) fading down to a bloodstained mouth with no eyes - having the mouth peeking out from under the hair will hopefully look reet nasty.
Anyway - ive almost finished the model now - just refining and adding detail left to do.
I Removed her hands because they made her look too human. I replaced them with wierd fleshy stumps with a groove in them to suggest a mouth or something. Maybe thats how she attacks, i dunno.
As for the body - im at a loss. Will she be all skin? patches of skin? clothes? and if she was clothed, what would she wear? Underwear? straps? Bandages? normal clothes?

Heres the update:


hehe, do I need to say anything … I will

Great idea and a great mesh.


These are pretty cool Andy…

I personally like the 2nd 2 in the 2nd image you posted, they seem like the closest thing to Silent Hill. I’m not so sure about the midget thing. I kinda prefer singular personalities to the combination of the 2. Though, don’t get me wrong I do like them all.

You sould also look at films like Ju-On… some pretty damn creepy stuff in there as well. These are gonna be sweet.

How do you plan on texturing them? You’ll probably go for a diferent style to you final fantasy girl? I kinda see these as being very dirty and grimy…

Here’s and amaising source of Silent Hill goodness: Silent Hill Yummies >>> there are tons of images and clips, as well as a boatload if clips from SH4…


hehe. The embedded midget thing looks kickass. I am not so sure about the stumpy arms with the groove . . . it looks kind of out of place . . maybe just have a plain stump instead.

Nice original design, it’s going to look awesome textured up.




I saw it last week - i liked the film as a whole - some bits were a bit silly (zombie white faced schoolgirls) but the crawling woman at the end, the girl under the sheets and the kid when he appeared on all the floors on the lift were creepy. Oh yeah - the black shadow walking towards the security camera was scary as hell too! The movement of the girl was an inspiration for this, but most of it came from the silent hill games.

Cheers for the site - ive already got the link to the images, but the videos should prove really useful - speshley for animation. Dammit! theyve got all the cutscenes for silent hill 4 on it too! grr! the temptation to downoad them is strong - i must wait til the end of september til the game is officialy released!

Cos i modeled this in a few nights, i may try to do the 2nd design as well.

Jeez - UVing this is gonna be a major pain if i go for the all-over moldy skin look.

Any ideas? clothes? no clothes? rotted or smooth?


I watched all three of them recently… bloody strange. They are quite confusing in the way that they constantly jump between characters, but end up making sense at the end…well sort of…

Hmmmm… I would definitely go for a more fleshy feel… but perhaps with a hint of clothing here and there, something that looks like materail/fabric, that has perhaps become part of the body, almost like a second skin of sorts. I’d also keep it very fleshy looking, and not use any overly saturated colours. And perhaps nothing to obvious like black leather, but more like old rotten brown/tan leather that perhaps echoes human skin/flesh, should you want to have straps and stuff.

:bounce: Can’t wait to see what you do with these :smiley:

Hope this helps… :thumbsup:


O[color=yellow]_0[/color] Andy H how? wa? ewww? this is unusual compared to the usual :scream:, hehehe this will be an excellent edition to your gallery, I want to make one like this…

I agree with mindrot on his suggestions, also man plz don’t go for to much mucy rot, you can make something almost beautiful but sick, :twisted:

duowww sick


be watching


Wooo… hehe, creepy. This really looks like it’ll be awesome. Keep it coming.


Sorry If I mistake (I don’t have to read all this really interesting post) but well it seems to be a fan post about Silent hill like monsters, and I can’t stand not sharing my little ideas about my favorite Cg world :wink:

Like you, I’m a big fan, following the poors human lost into the city into this incredible serial killer game.

I’me making some kind of Short movie (perhaps with some interactivity, nothing really pro and too serious, just some exercises to evovle my bad mapping skill :hmm:

I’ve called my project : “Victim.”

So here are some low polys concepts of monsters :
(sorry for the bad mapping, It was not far for my first try…)

Another concept (no unwrap yet, so it’s just a procedural texturing)

Hope I do not disturb the post with my stuff. :slight_smile: