Kleeman Cl 60


getting bored with my current project, so heres a new car i decided to start on. crits and comments are welcome.


i redid some parts on the car there are also some bumps on the hood which will be fixed by my next update.


more progress.


paint test and i also tried a studio setup, but it need more work.


its looking pretty good mate hopefully you will finish this one


thanks man yea i plan to finish this one well depending on how things go, but here is an update on the car im still working on the bumper and this is what ive got so far.




i tweaked the headlight and i notice i mispelt kleemann. there are some obivious bumps which will be fixed later.


fixed the bumper (well i like to think ive fixed it), here are some renders and im going to redo the rim cause its not accurate at some places.


Good modelling and rendering so far. Hope to see nice metallic reflections on wheels also, the material i’m currently doing )


thanks for the support and yes ill make a better material for the rims.


some clays , ahhhhhh i just notice some inaccuracy around the headlight.


rolling on dubs.


Nice progress man! :thumbsup:


thanks masky.
more updates on the car


Its looking good, but i do spot some bumps around the HID cleaners.


thanks, update time. (large images)


you’ve got a huge triangle on the front fender


hey cris didnt know you were here too, for the triangle i know its there but it doesnt cause any bumps, unless you can suggest another way to deal with it, that would be great.


Man… I love modified Benz’s - Kleeman/Brabus’ especially. I like what you’ve got so far, gonna be great when its done :slight_smile: