I added some shadow in my kitchen. I also added some bounce light in the left corner. There some question that I have about occlusion. I tape the last two class lecture and I’ve been going over the recording. My question is since occlusion is a texture do I high light the whole sceen and apply it to everything or do I just apply it to the walls or am I just way off.


i dig the silouette of the window…


To get occlusion on the whole scene create an occlusion render layer, it’s a preset for a type of render layer. You still have to adjust key parameters in the shader such as max distance, even if the shader is created for you from the preset when you right-click on the render layer.

Your image is off to a good start. Something weird is happening to the right of the window, where the brighter light cuts off in an arc shape, then another dimmer light cuts off in a rectangular shape. The bright sunbeam should be the thing that has a hard shadow, the softer light from the sky should fill-in all the other angles and cast very soft shadows.



Here my key light, fill light, and occlusion. I’m still not comfortable with occlusion. I understand the effects of the different parameter. But I don’t understand how to combine the occlusion with everything else.


FIll light: it looks like a really hard-edged shadow for light from the sky, use much softer shadows on the lights coming in through the window, and have them come from more angles, not just from the same angle as the sunbeam.

Occlusion: You could use a bigger max distance, and higher number of samples.

Key Light: Might be a little brighter, but I need to see the comp first.

To composite them together in Photoshop, start with the fill light layer (normal blending mode) as the background, then layer the occlusion over that with a “Multiply” blending mode, and add the key light layer over that with a “Linear Dodge (Add)” blending mode.



O.k. Jeremy I finally got my composite put together, thanks for all the help.


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