yay! first post… i re-did my lighting scheme… not sure what other info you need… but here’s my current rendering, with an occlusion pass.


Hey nice start. I like the image you use for your back ground. When I started working on mine I just had one spot light coming in throw the window, and Jeremy told me to add some fill light that had some color from the sky. So I took my image into photoshop and use the color picker and wrote down the RGB value and added six fill light with different colors of the sky. I set three outside below the window pointing up and three above the window pointing down. Then my main spot light (key light) as the sun right behind the six fill light. Then I played with the shadow of the seven lights to see which one need shadow and which one didn’t. I’m not to sure about how to work the occlusion I’ve been going over my notes but it still not working. I’m hoping Jeremy or someone can help me out with that.


Yes, you need the fill light from the sky. Outside of the sunbeam, there would be other light from the sky filling in the whole window frame and other surrounding areas, with very soft shadows.

Regarding occlusion, it would be good to see the fill light pass that’s going to be multiplied with the occlusion, the occlusion pass separately, then the key light pass that will be added (linear dodged) on top, as well as your final comp.



Thank You Jeremy and DAV for the advice and analysis. These are changes I made prior to your critiques. The next version will implement filling in the window frame and matching the color of the lights with the BG image, as suggested. I rendered out separate KL, Fill and Occlusion passes… and comped them all together. I’ve included the separate passes as well.

I have a couple questions. Are the shadows from the newly added branch believable? If not , are they fixable? Or should I just ditch the branches? :wink:

Another question… I’m concerned about the darkness of the chairs. Should I had a spot to bring out brightness to the dark elements?

BTW, This is a cool way to see my progress, very cool! Thanks again…


occlusion pass :wink:


The fill light is the main thing you need to work on. It looks like most of the fill comes from inside the room, none from the sky outside. Really, most of the fill should come from outside, with only a little bounce from inside.



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