kitchen, with and without gi


here’s my kitchen, no gi, with gi and gi and final gathering.
i think i like the gi version best, the fg version seems too yellow to me.
the non gi version was just supposed to be key lights right? mine has no bounce lights.


no gi

gi, no fg

gi and fg

  oops, no img src. crap, i'll figure this out.


Hi Jacob -

The “no gi” image is the one that looks much too yellow. Try a less saturated key light color, more similar to the color of the sun in the background image. Also, you might try using a directional light for the direct sun, so that the shadows will be more parallel. Be sure your Ray Depth Limit is high enough that shadows appear in reflections, they are missing inthe wine bottle now. There’s something strange to investigate about the front surface of the window frame - is it a reflection?

The “gi, no fg” image looks pretty good. The bottom of the fruit plate and the paper towels are going too bright, you might adjust the shaders involved. I can’t figure out what happened to the inside of the window frame, it was super-bright-yellow without GI, now you turn on GI and it’s dark blue? Investigate that.

The “gi and fg” image looks pretty good. Some of the front-facing surfaces are going too bright, as if there’s something really bright behind the camera. You might invesigate that.



i tried brightening everything up a bit.
do i need to brighten it more?

no gi


gi and caustic

final gathering


Regarding the “no gi” version, you really need the light from the sky. Think about all the soft illumination that would be hitting that side of the window frame, coming up to light the top of the window frame, etc.

The GI and FG versions barely add anything, there should be some bounce light visibly added by the GI.



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