Kitchen, Nitin Mahale (3D)


Title: Kitchen
Name: Nitin Mahale
Country: United Arab Emirates
Software: 3ds max, VRay

Hi all,
long time thinking of doing kitchen interior but really didn’t got time from office work.So,atlast started on my own personal project “Kitchen”.
This is my own concept and design,every thing’s modeled except some models which are from Evermotion,this was my vision to look like and it came really to my expectations,worked mainly on lighting part so missed some minor details.
Comments and criticisms are most welcome :slight_smile:


nice… very “V-Ray-ish”


Good to see your works over here as well buddy!
after seeing mindblowing characters; it always feels nice to see interiors here on cg :wink:

carry on posting :deal:


Thank you mates…bazze and d-neo :slight_smile:
posting some more views…
would like to have more comments on these as well…Cg members :slight_smile:


another angle…

[/b]Thanks for viewing…:slight_smile:


nice work man


Thanks hanimation…for liking :slight_smile:


I like it. I have 2 crits tho.

  1. The brick texture is looking really flat now, mess about with some bump mapping.
  2. The wood texture is kind of repetitive


Exceptionally good work here. It’s all in the detail! The only real flaw is the exposed brick, it’s too smooth, maybe try a displacement map on those surfaces.



@ plakkert : yes i agree upon the brick and wood texture…will try displacement for brick and also the wood mapping…Thanks for ur feedback :slight_smile:

@ Giom : thanks for liking…sure as i said i will try something like displacement map,when i get time from office work :wink:

Thank you for your constructive criticism…appreciated :slight_smile:


Looks cool…

I may be wrong… but I think I see a lot of EVERMOTION models in there? Those generally need some tweaking to look realistic.

The bread is the first thing I noticed.


yes…ur right my friend…those models needs some tweaking…,
so do u mean the bread doesn’t look good?
anyways thanks for liking :slight_smile:


Wow!What a splendid kitchen!:eek: I want one!Excellent details and realism!:applause:


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