Kitchen, Lampros Kalfuntzos - (3D)


Title: Kitchen
Name: Lampros Kalfuntzos -
Country: United Kingdom
Software: 3d Studio Max

A still from my first 3d video called ‘Predicament’.Modeling and animation were created in 3D Studio Max and Character Studio.
Special thanks to Andy for his support.
>> Hi resolution image <<


Nice modeling, would like to see wire frame though. I can identify most of the items in the scene.

Textures are ok, the wood works but the bottles seem like ghost. The textures on the teapots and glass wear are boring. I would change them to something with flower patterns. Give it the women’s touch. Not saying that women belong in the kitchen, but it would give it a home feel. The curtains on the window should match the wall green paper or the navy blue counter, and add some patterns to it to make it more interesting.

Your light source is invincible. I think its located in front of the red hot sauce bottle. I would start over on the lighting. Pretend there are real lights on the roof of this kitchen and then fix the shadow errors. This scene could be very interesting just placing some lights around in the right places can really bring this room to life. Try looking at some magazines and to imitate the lighting style.

I’m not sure why there is fog in the middle of the room, my guess would be that your giving the impression of morning light coming in the window. I would take the intensity of the fog down a lot, just enough to give the impression of light direction. If the light coming in from the window is the only light source then everything in the room should be lit with the pretend reflection from other surfaces. This means the light might take the color of the object it is reflecting off.

Well that’s all from me,

hope you find my comments constructive. :wink:


good work but fog in the scene is spoilling the mood of the scene
just try to add some life outside the window:)


very nice modeling, l like a lot your textures
anyway cool work…keep up the good work…:bowdown:


the wireframe


very nice modeling, I can identify most of the objects in the scene.

Textures are nice, i like your lighting good but strange i think



Maybe you should add some depth of field to make the image more realistical. I can’t understand one thing bout the lighting… is it a lamp which glows or are those rays from the window? Well anyway the image looks good. Make some more :slight_smile:


The drawers n the far corner look as though they would have trouble opening? The glass material and lighting need altering to make this more realistic. Of course for a still thats fine but for an animation rendering times could go through the roof…!


maybe u are right for the drawers but anyway this scene was finally used as a still in the beginning of the animation so it wasnt in the final one…


It’s so realistic and fantastic, is that your work? i really like it


thanks a lot


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