Kitchen in a big house, Stanislav Orekhov (3D)


Amazing 5* ^^! i luv it!


It is amazing and those who think they are photographs well those are compliments huh …I am very impressed …u r great !


Very realistic indeed! I like the textures and overall detail!


Just about the only renders I have ever seen that manages to capture a sense of realism without resorting to new-age single color walls and cubic furniture.

The wood gives tremendous warmth to the image.

Just excellent. My measuring stick for my own renders, I haven’t reached this yet in terms of quality… but maybe… someday :wink:


Hello Stanislav

Cara was very good its work. I thought it was very creative with details of each object.
I follow this line of work. I’d like some advice so you can better develop my scenarios.
Again my congratulations


Wicked texturing and lighting!


really amazing. but since you asked:
The floor shows that only one piece of tile was re-used, and the ceiling is a tad blown out and lacking some flair.
Otherwise it’s about as photo-real as I’ve seen. Amazing work.


Thanks everybody

I glad to invite you for my Training
Details here:


perfect job on the wood, oh so much of it.


Very nice. I would like to have this kitchen. GJ


Are u render with mental ray or any other renderer

can u tell me about texturing means how u done it

Your render is nice but you should try higher resolution for details


Very Good Not like me… Noting to Say

Hi I am MAd MAn and i am new in 3dsMAX
And i want somme stuff about your rendering…

Thaks For Your Help …


I would kill for a kitchen as beautiful as this!


Absolutely mind blowing. Fantastic work. Congrats on the CG Choice award, very much deserved.


This is beautiful!


Amazing interior work! Keep it up!


Great work!! n great lighting…congrats Stanislav :beer:


Wouldn’t want to live there buy its a good cgi.


It’s a great work.Only one question,in the first picture,there are two lemons on the table,but only one in the second picture.Where is the missing lemon?


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