Kitchen in a big house, Stanislav Orekhov (3D)


Title: Kitchen in a big house
Name: Stanislav Orekhov
Country: Russia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

It is a kitchen in a big house. It this house all rooms are made with this style. Architector was trying to put a style of Clive Christian in this house. I would like to hear you comments at this pictures. Thank you


WOW! Do you have a base mesh for this and a breakdown of how it was made?


It’s beautiful. Very nice details except the ceiling. It doesn’t really fit in. I also don’t like the repeating textures on the floor. All the other things are awesome and it’s a very unique piece.

  • Terje


Usually i am not interior cg fan but this image is really nicely done good show man



Don’t cheat by taking pictures.


OMF! This amazing work! Everything about this is stunning! Congrats on finishing such an excellent piece! 5*!:beer:


nice work mate! but imho the resolution is very low and result impossible to appreciate the finest details:D
keep it up


That the image’s compression is what’s killing the details. It does look like a photograph though in many ways! The floor texture could use the attention you gave to the rest…


AWESOME work as usual . How did you make the wood ?


This is simply beautiful, but I do agree. Could you share a higher resolution version? I’d really like to see more details and the low resolution/compression is hurting the final result.


Looks good, too bad about the heavy compression (blurry in some areas)


Wow! The details are amazing. Great work on the modeling, texture and lighting.


Great work!


Amazing work. I really like the sunlight slanting through the windows - nice touch.

How long did it take you, from start to finish? And any chance we can see your wires?

Nice one. :applause:
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nice work. The only thing I don’t like is that every tile on the marble floor is identical. Some variation in there would really help it.

Really well done though.


wow dude this is nice. looks like you ripped it out of one of those home magazines. totally impressive. i love the lighting, and the wood texture looks really good.


It’s great to see Arch viz work recognized here. Freakin awesome details! Love it! :applause:


Great work. I love the detail and the evenness of light through out the scene.



Very nice work indeed!

I see some speckling, is your sampling set up properly?



Stanislav can u tell us the render time :slight_smile:

cheers great work as always…