Kitchen at Mid-day, Andrew Hepp (3D)


Title: Kitchen at Mid-day
Name: Andrew Hepp
Country: USA
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop

This project was created for my latest lighting reel. I was looking for an environment in which I could explore various types of materials and shaders. After creating the initial version of the image, I realized it needed some character. As a result, I added various elements to make the kitchen looked lived in.


Nice work ! :thumbsup:


Nice model and good render although I would say you need a little more specular and reflection on some of the mateirals in your scene, I think it looks to diffuse. Also this maybe personal taste but I would up the exposure of the image a slight amount so it really zings. Good work all the same though:D


Nice kitchen and good lighting,
though IMO window glow and brightness can be to reduced a little :wise:
keep working,good work! :smiley:


not bad! good rendering!


Hey Guys, jupiter3d has free low resolution 3d models, and great tutorials!

And from what I hear they are hiring too.

Check them out.


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