kitchen assignment - all 3 plus composite


here are all three of my layers, key, occlusion and fill.
i wasn’t sure if we should create seperate threads or just have one big one.


here is my composite.


You need some light coming in the window. When you have a direct view of the sun, that would cause some light to illuminate the window frame, the sink, the counter top near the window, etc.

The ceiling light should have some illumination making the interior of the shade very bright. It should light the walls higher up, to about the hight of the shade itself. There should be some fill or bounce lighting up the dark side of the chair and cushion under the table. The shadow should be a little softer.



well, i’m an idiot.
i accidentally did the multiply and the linear dodge on the wrong layers so it came out darker than it should.

however, since it took me a while to figure this out, i went and tried redoing the lights.
here is the original re adjusted and then the new composite.

the three passes will be the next post.


here are the three passes.


Edited to remove post, will re-post in new thread


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