Kitbash 3D FAQ



[/b][b]Top industry VFX artists and designers dream up and create KitBash3d models
so that anyone, regardless of their professional prowess, can produce incredible
work at the level of industry all-stars.

The text above is from the site. We love the team and Quality behind the brand and
that’s from our Heart! We think you are going to have a lot of fun with the sample kit.
Jump in ask questions and stay tuned as we will be posting a link to the kit for challengers here.

In the meantime check out the site and say something nice

Thanks Kitbash!

www. [/b]


I can’t wait to see what sample we will be getting or do we download the sample from their website?


Hi Sarah,

The guys were nice enough to create a custom demo kit for you guys. We will post the link here shortly. Looking forward to your entry.



Create a entry thread and download your Kitbash 3d kit.

Good luck everyone


Cool models, I see they’re referencing textures though. Are those meant to be included or are we meant to make our own? Just curious…


Excellent sets, It is today I could really visit the Kitbash3d site and take the time. The Art Deco set is so beautiful and the post modern could be very useful for myself, they all are. And thank you for the 3D kit! Now, I think I am in going for the gold and participate in the mattepainting challenge…


I don’t have permission to post a thread of my WIP images on The AMD RADEON PRO Challenge! ?
Can I post it on my own account?