Kishars, Hku64 (3D)



is that all 3D?? man, that’s really amazing – hahaha yeah - this must be Stahlbergs relative like 10 times removed!!


Beautiful piece of work.
Is she swinging on some sort of device or falling backwards? What is the significance of the snake?

Well done for a polished piece of work.



Simply awesome! Congratulations on a job well done. The modeling, texturing, and post work all come together very well.

However, I think that not only are the breasts not reacting to gravity, but also the hair and clothing. Is this meant to be seen vertically rather than horizontally?

Look forward to seeing you post more stuff here!

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i’ve been checking your website and uhm… did you cooporate into making the ‘fortress’ movie ??

Because it’s :drool: :drool: :drool:


What an amazing image.


she’s so beautiful…
i’m overwhelmingly amazed.

my only crit:
her hair doesn’t seem to flow with
her draped body, and her boobs don’t
sag in the direction of her drappage either.

but she’s amazing!


Very nice work! :buttrock:

And amazing work for your website:buttrock:




WOW :eek: I’d also like to know what Software and how long it took to do that. What is yoru experience and background??

otherwise: :drool: :applause: :wip: :bounce: :buttrock: :beer:


The picture is :bounce:

But: Gravity seems not to influence the position of the rings in her ears!
But i have a new desktopbackground!



What a job dude!
which software used on modeling, rendering and hair production?!



wow :eek:


Sheesh! I like the nude version too! :drool:

I see you work in Maya 4.0 …but how did you make that hair?

You should really post your movies here at CGTalk as well… it would be a crime not to do so!
I downloaded most of the material on your website… if I were just 1% as good as you are…


wowww:applause: :applause: :applause:

wireframes tooo

incredible character

this colud be a poster :wink:


I’ll never make the front page of CGTalk!
Standards are too high now.
My only chance is to climb the highest mountain in Korea and meditate for years until I receive my vision. What’s with Koreans? Has anyone seen “Reign, the conqueror”?
Bunch of Koreans worked on that cool animation! From makers of Aeon Flux.


splendid colors and lighting :applause:


Ahh omg… thats just… … too good… :smiley:

You rule


GREAT WORK ! ! ! That is some high quality stuff.
:thumbsup: :thumbsup:


This really reminds me of a poster I saw for an “O.S.T.” project when I was in Seoul in December. The posters were everywhere, and were of a similarly clad female valkerie like figure. I tried desperately to find a place that would sell a full sized poster, but came up empty handed.

I notice you’re from South Korea yourself, I was wondering if the other girl (the one from the posters all over Seoul) was your inspiration or, your work too?


can only say what everyone else said… WoW man!!! great work… that is just amazing … i love the style. :buttrock: