Kingfisher of Yesturday


Ok, some explanation… first of all this is my first true picture post here, so I approach that with fear and trembling… This is a piece I did for my computer graphics course. My prof. wants me to revise it a bit and print it really big…It’s done entirely in photoshop cs with my wacom (no photo manipulation, textures, etc,…entirely freehand), used a few references for bird and such…however the background kind of sprang a bit from my head… Anyways, I would love some feedback on this.

As far as meaning in this: It is suppose to be about loss of habitat and urban sprawl.


Great job on the bird, it looks great!!!
umm the bird and water splashes look realistic and odd against a more painterly background and river. I would add more elements for the bg, especially on the right (some mountains or trees or rocks, whatever u like). Also the splashes make it hard to see the fish in the bird’s beak.


Painting water like that is insane.



yeah the background needs more detailing.
To get the feeling of a lost habitat, you could paint a construction site and bring it a little to the foreground to make it seem the city is about to swallow nature, maybe some junk floating in the river.

The bird and the splashing water looks great:thumbsup:


I agree with Rudeone. Buildings could be much closer and show more detail and should probably extend the width of the picture. I like that you’ve used a lot of brown in the water. You might want to use more in the buildings and clouds to show how nature is being corrupted. The bird, fish and splash look wonderful. Kingfisher’s leg looks too far back on its body, though.


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