To start of with, i deliberately ignored the “Inspiration” section…just wanted to get into gear with this piece…Unfortunately [or fortunately depending on how you look at it] the piece had a very similar composition to one of the inspirations, so went back to the drawing board…luckily i found a way to take this piece beyond its original intent…I express love for the eraser :).

Thank you



man ,this is wonderful… like dream :slight_smile:

excellent Architecture shapes … really interesting

love it



The colors and texture you used work really well. Im quite impressed.


wow, thank you both for the warm comments :smiley:



This is a great one too! Very dreamlike and nice colors.
You certainly know how to paint!


Nice one Marley! I just used your link on Pixelbrush to come and have a look at your stuff. I like it a lot. Very impressive!


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