King of the Hill, Barringer Fox III Wingard (3D)


Title: King of the Hill
Name: Barringer Fox III Wingard
Country: USA
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

At the start of 2009 I decided to do a collection of comic, 80’s cartoon, and movie characters. I am using 3d as well as heavy photoshop work, about 50/50 if I were to break it down. This was the first piece that I created. I have created 9 different images so far and will continue to post them over the next few weeks. Here is my version of Venom. Hope you like…


nice work and nice idea… the composition is really amazing.
have you got some wire?



Very good artwork:thumbsup:


Awesome! Great style of venom. Are all of the superheros bodies under venom, actual models?


love it bif, kick ass work


I dig!



me second.


Outstanding .


Being a big marvel fan, that is awesome. Venom is one of my favorite villians. I see wolverines hand sticking out, only problem is since im a huge wolvy fan, wolverine cant really be killed, or killed easily.:thumbsup:


sweet artwork…love it, love it, looovvve it


nice! i see the iron man leg there! very nice
its cool to search and identify the heroes under venom!


of all the marvel comics character rivalry, this two was my favorite… and you done it magnificently.

5*s for you.


fantastic,frontpage welldeserve!:thumbsup::thumbsup:


Very nice! :buttrock:


Good Lord!!!

5 stars


wow!! so nice! 5 star!!! you rock


one of the best cg super heroes i have ever seen
my critic is the color of the spider man’s eyes…doesn’t look that it match the whole img or have strong killing expression


I liked the dynamic and aggressive behavior of venom :slight_smile:
I don’t get the placement of venom’s right foot over the belly of spider man.


great style! love the composition!


this is so sick!!
5 stars.