Kimberley, Jussi Lehtiniemi (2D)


Great piece!
No crits here.


it looks awesome… great work.


I paricularly love the emotion and detail on the Eye. Great Work.


Great work mate. Good colours, good texture and a nice concept to it. :slight_smile:


a million star from me.
the best i’ve ever seen
it almost made a friend of mine cry :slight_smile:
thats how good it is.


Love this painting it’s so beautifuly peacefull and one of the best images on this board.


it’s very nice and wonderful Jussi,

I liked it a lot

gooooooo ahead




Ah, beautiful artwork!
My kowtow :love:


Brilliant! What a wonderful combination! Such a lovely feeling… Wonderful work…


Thanks for the kind words, people!

could you show some brushes you used to make this lovely mossy atmosphere?

Drakula man, mostly what comes to moss and other undergrowth, they were the most ordinary spackle brush and hard round brush combined with a super-duper wonder texture of a tree bark. I put a few quick strokes on the canvas to inspire me and then zoomed in to add some variations. Hard round brush with pressure controlling the size rather than opacity works well for me with small details. Usually the more quickly and loosely I worked, the better the result was. Also, I found out that inverting the texture at the brush controls is a nice and quick way to create shadow and highlight areas to avoid making the texture tiling too obvious. Nothing special in that I guess - just one of those fleeting moments of understanding I had.



Wow, thats just…beautiful. This is one if the best works ive ever seen. Is it allowed to use this picture as a stock in signatur oder something else? I would love to make a sig with it :wink:


Hey there guys,

Hey Jussi, you pop up in the darnedest places, congratulations!!

EXPOSÉ 5 Master Award, and CGSociety Tutorial


We’ll I’ll be…!

I’m still recovering from the shock of receiving my copy of Exposé 5 and seeing the tutorial published almost simultaneously. So many great artists featured in there that I’m awestruck by your choice for the master award. A trillion million gigazillion thanks to Ballistic for the award and considering me worthy, and especially Paul for keeping in contact during late and early hours from the other side of the world. The book looks supadupafantastic and I think I’ll have to get silk gloves to avoid staining it with fingerprints for browsing through it back and forth again and again… talking about eye candy! Yum-mee!

Thanks again and hope the tutorial is helpful and/or interesting read, too.

And congratulations to everybody featured in Exposé 5, your work is definitely worth it!


Wow, that’s a gorgeous painting… There’s not much else I can say. She looks awesome.


You are creative, I admire you very much


very beautiful


Thank you very much, glad you like it! I’d love to paint more beautiful girls, but they all seem to evade me. Hmm… odd.

Anyways, thanks for the comments!


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