Kimberley, Jussi Lehtiniemi (2D)


Title: Kimberley
Name: Jussi Lehtiniemi
Country: Finland
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

Hello everybody and thanks for taking a look at this.

Here’s a portrait of a friend named Kimberley I finished recently. I wanted to portray her beauty and personality in an environment that’s slightly magical and full of life, the same time trying to avoid making the scene too busy. The original inspiration came from Hayao Miyazaki’s film “Princess Mononoke”: a lush magical forest, small creatures, golden light. Initially I wanted to have a lot more magical qualities to it, but then I thought I’m better off just suggesting this and concentrating on the character.

The painting was done in Photoshop CS except for masks for the small three-leafed plants which were done in 3dsmax. I used a lot of custom brushes, mainly one texture I overuse regularly, and references taken by myself (character and environment) and ones found from the internet (exotic creatures). Loads of different things - plants, flowers, various small creatures – visited the scene at different stages of the process but eventually I needed to shortlist them to my absolute favourites to balance the scene. The painting took about 40-60 hours to complete, span across the time of two months.

Hope you like it and find it beautiful. Any thoughts on the painting most welcome: critics, suggestions, comments, etc.

Links to the references used, own photos:

And internet-provided ones:





i like how her head merges with the tree, its creepy and almost makes my neck hurt, nice work.


Really good work Jussi,
Your tones are really well choosed and made a pure light on it. Details are great.
Keep good work


Great job, and a wonderfully inventive concept!


fantastic work Jussi…:). the color scheme is really good. its all very well handled, i esp like her hair (besides her shoulder).


hi…there, this is good, love it!


Your friend must be very happy for such a greate gift from you =)


nice shot :thumbsup: …greenish atmosphere:twisted:


Cool job!!:thumbsup:

(your avatar is great,haha):smiley:


Hej, Kimberley. this is simply beautiful. Nice work.


Wow wonderful work. Nice textures. :thumbsup:



marvel at your work!wonderful and abundant detail!


great pic, man



outstanding Jussi!


Nice colors, nice textures, nice friend :)! 4 stars for you.


I am absolutely enthusiastic about this image. :bounce: The mixture of the highly realistic face in a totally magical environment is fantastic. Should appear on front page soon. :slight_smile: ***** Britta


Great many thanks to all of you for all the nice words, it really means a lot!

Your friend must be very happy for such a greate gift from you =)

That’s what friends are for, right? :wink: Actually, I’m thankful to her for letting me use her features on this! I had the painting in my head for a long time but lacking a suitable model for the character I never got around doing it before now.

Cool job!!:thumbsup:

(your avatar is great,haha):smiley:

Again, I have to thank somebody else, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog this time, for borrowing his marvellous features. Anyway, thanks for that too, Gonzalo!




Amazing image. I really like the overall design and composition. The colours are perfectly chosen, everything having similar tones and lighting, but enough contrast that each element can be easily picked out. You did a particularly good job on the smile… that’s my favourite part of the entire image. Wonderful concept and you’re friend must be very impressed!


Thanks Urrgos, I’m glad you like her smile especially! The reference for the mouth area is a combination of two different photos. I couldn’t judge the quality of the reference photos at the moment of shooting them, and ended up with good bits and pieces in many pics but not a perfect single photo. Thus I had to combine parts from different photos and with a little bit of guesswork make the final decision on her expression, since by the time I started painting she was already half the world away. I was hoping the smile looks natural, so I really appreciate your comment. Cheers!



Great Job! i like the conzept much…