The first is no GI_FG.
The second is with GI, but not FG.
The last is with GI_FG.

I did post mine, but you did not mention yet. so i posted it again.
also, i changed a little bit



For the No GI, No FG one: it looks like it already has a lot of light on the wall with the window. Where is that light coming from? It seems as if there shouldn’t be any light on that wall, if the only light that would be hitting it would be bounce light, and you’ll be counting on the GI to add the bounce light for you. The wall continues to look a little too bright even with the GI & FG.



The floor looks very dark, and the walls look bright, through this sequence. Maybe you need more sky fill onto the floor even at the beginning, and maybe you also should change the shader on the floor to make it more reflective?



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