Kilo - Promo Pic, Viollus (3D)



I would like to show you a first promo pic for my “Project KILOBYTE”

Please add your comments :slight_smile:

GRITZ! :buttrock:

PS.: I 've sdjusted pic brightnes


:surprised that’s some beautiful stuff right there!

love the soft lighting and the robot scuffing!

really nice work - look forward to the rest


Great scene and great setting for this character, I’ve seen him on another of your posts and he looks great in the simple but eyecatching environment under that great lighting. Do you think the scene looks a little dark in comparison to the brightness of the ‘sky’?


yes, it is, i just saw it after I adjusted gamma in my comp :frowning:


what can i say my friend, now you have finished him with the the texturing and all. He just looks amazing. Yet keeping a whole simplicity about it. He kind of reminds me of the iron giant, in a very loose sense of course. Looking forward to some more updates and all. Nice web site aswell.:buttrock:


Hi Viollus,

i…i…i just love this pic!!!
This is absolutely a work of a genius!!

just one thing:
the robot is looking really curious at the cube,
is it because it 's red???
If so, why dont u put a little glow over the cube,
would be nice i think. Just a little glow in the
middle of the cube would enlighten the scene a little,
and a little mor focus on the robot, espacially if the
red would “touch” or better said enlighten the face of
the robot!!!

But this is just the idea of a
which has no idea how to realize his own ideas in his twisted
mind, but tries to give others, which are miles better than himself,
some tips.

I hope u don’t mind :wink:

greetz H-2-O

PS: really looking forward to an update!!!


the composition is very well balanced. I love the name and the logo… kick ass :buttrock:


Very nice, very nice… I just think that you could work on the robot colors, like making hands little diferent color from the rest of the body to make gestures more redable…
Good work!:applause:


Lightwave render, isn’t it?


No, its all MAX with Brazil renderer.

The colors may be changed when i will make a BYTE model


Oh~~~I like the Textureof the character
And the render:bounce:bounce: :bounce:


Nice render!!:thumbsup:


awesome render!

very cool character =)


The character looks great so far. Can’t wait to see more pics.


I love this character design, nice work, mam:thumbsup: Keep post up


Max huh? Cool!
I’ll check back. Hope to see more of this in the future.

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How do you do that lighting? I haven’t been able to figure out how to get that kind of fuzzy contrasting reflective look in there. Very nice pic man, can’t wait to see more :bounce:


oooh great character man…i wish i could come up with sumtin like that…the style looks alot like wiro’s , great work man…
lets see some more pics and wires !:thumbsup:


Awesome! I looove it ! :bounce: Great colors, composition and the rednering! Congratulations !


Awesome character and texture job. What exactly is he being used for?