Killer Croc sculpt


Hey All!

I was looking for some feedback on this Killer Croc sculpt I’m working on.

Below I have my reference board, my concept art, some breakdowns, and description of the character and motive. Right now I’m starting to work on props and once the proportions and anatomy are locked down I will start to add the scarring onto his face and back along with pore details and all.

Please any feedback about anatomy, topology, workflow, or any other critiques are appreciated.

Killer Croc is a Batman villain, who is usually illustrated as a green human crocodile mutant hybrid. For this project I wanted to make him more human with a scaly skin condition like GreyScale from Game of Thrones.

For some background on this version, he was born with a scaly skin condition and suffers from acromegaly, and because of it he was abandon, shunned and abused. He kills his abusive aunt and runs off eventually joining the the gotham carnival wharf as a sideshow. As he grew bigger and more hot tempered he became known as “Killer Croc” and over the years he adapted to his new persona by tattooing his body, filing his teeth to points, adding crocodile-like scar markings, getting implants, and even going as far as to cut off his own ears. He is obsessed with getting stronger, more powerful, and more fearsome to never look weak again. Because of his size, he is muscle for underworld gangs but he’s looking to become the one in charge and control gotham’s smuggling and narcotics.


Hey All,

here is a progress update on the Killer Croc character I’ve been working on. These are zbrush renders, I think I’m ready to move onto colors but please let me know if you have any suggestions and feedback


Impressive Work! I love so much your style and Killer croc is one of my favourite villain!

Su Portale Verde ho scoperto i migliori rimedi per la cellulite!