Kids, Michal Kwolek (3D)


Title: Kids
Name: Michal Kwolek
Country: Poland
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

this is my last work, picture created for the contest in polish cg vortal
After TV failed, the couple had to find some new way of entertainment. Though they were very cautious they scored few screw-ups. Now they have not only the broken TV but also a whole bunch of new cares. Oh well, the side effects of a broken TV are horrible.


:open_mouth: greate work man!!! details…render…color…everything! :] 5star broken tv

nie no pracka super jak dla mnie :] moja nowa bitmapka


Great concept.Beautifull image, congrats !


abseloutly Brilliant work. One of the best and frontpage. I like the Lighting, characters and parents feeling and everything. 5 * work. Keep it up.


Looks fantastic.

Nice composition as well.

Great work.


very nice overall image, I especially like the details you’ve thought of adding in there, like the sock with a hole and the wedding foto that stays in contrast with how they’re looking now. The characters remind me of the impossibles. I think the kids could need some more dedication to match the parents who look much more alive. keep up the good work!


Eheh oh God, very nice rendering ( but sad family :stuck_out_tongue: )


I like it, the lighting is spot on! Great work!


Hey man, good, very good job!!!
How much time you work on it to finish?


hehe typical family gr8 very nice mood cool:beer:


:)) Great image,love the lighting,would love to see this animated
5 stars from me!!


lol, man that’s awesome :smiley:
frontpage worthy!


Reminds me of the Incredibles for some reason - think its the little guy. Great work!


it sux…

heh , just kidding;) 5 stars and front page, its a master piece, congratulation :slight_smile:


Great job Michal !

I really like how tired and worn out the parents look, having to look after so many lil babies

The two babies causing trouble in the kitchen is a great touch :slight_smile:


great colour matching and render…


very impressive work
5 stars


Bravo !

brilliant work.


Beautiful piece, I love the composition alot. Nice Work. :cool:


dang you have to look hard to see all the little details!. I love the cobweb in the tv and I almost missed the other two kids in the kitchen…excellent job.