Kid, Joonas Paloheimo (3D)


Title: Kid
Name: Joonas Paloheimo
Country: Finland
Software: Photoshop, ZBrush

My second attempt to create something with Zbrush. Most of the eye candy is still done in photoshop.


Amazing job. I love the form of the grim reaper, his gangly body screams evil. Not sure how I feel about the Christmas tree in the scene, though. It’s pretty hard to see and doesn’t seem to fit with the rest of the scene. Great job overall though. :slight_smile:


Love it! Brilliant lighting.

I’m a bit confused by the story though.
Is the boy hinting that death should leave? Or is death leading the boy through the door?


Thanks for the comments and kind words.

Feel free to interpret the picture as you wish because I have no idea what’s going on :slight_smile:



very nice darkness work! very cool


Looks amazing.


Thanks for the support!


I love the style in this one !

Great job done :wink:


Brilliant composition!
Did you do the light beams in post?

Congrats :wink:



Lighting and the beams are done in Photoshop. Don’t really know yet how to use the lighting settings properly in Zbrush or if you even can get good light renders out of that program…


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