Kickstarter! - Bill N Back – Animated Series


But of course mon amie! Campaign looks good, looking forward to your progress with this project :]


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Congrats on reaching your first Kickstarter goal.


Thank you mon ami!


Hey thanks for the bump, I appreciate!

btw thanks again for your contribution :wink:


Bill N Back Kickstarter got 100% funded in less than 5 days! Link:

But it’s not done yet, we got some big plans for the music of the pilot. With an additional $2500, we will get the music of the pilot recorded with a real orchestra.


I had an interview with a TV channel here in Quebec (V Télé) about Bill N Back, here’s the TV capsule (you can activate the subs):



3 days left to back the project!


2 days left to back the project!


Last chance to back the project!


The Kickstarter got 150% funded! Thanks to everyone who contributed to the project!
Here’s the Trailer for the ones who didn’t see it yet:



New poses taken from some completed scenes while waiting for the pilot. See you soon by the end of the summer for the next update!

More info about the project progression here:


Update on the pilot’s release date