Kia ad online


Here’s one of our recent projects, a tv ad for Kia cars (shown on national UK tv)…
(scroll down for the quicktime)

The characters were designed by Pete Fowler (of Monsterism and Super Furry Animals designer fame)

Animated in messiah and rendered in LW.


Ha, finally I see the final! :slight_smile:


Wow! How inspiring:applause: Thank you for sharing this with us


“Tha thinkin pearsonsA small Caa”

MMmmm. . …

For some reason that accent hit all the right spots. Where is it from?


I love it! You should post the link to the finished works forum as well. :thumbsup:


Excellent work! Me and my gal love this ad :slight_smile:



Is it Australian?


Very nice short (skirt) for sure! :slight_smile:


Loved the sytle, congrats to all :slight_smile:


Cool! I’ve always loved Fowler’s designs.


Wes, nice.

Was any of it (the comp) rendered in messiah:studio?


Haha. I love this. First caught a glimpse of it in John Rigg’s demoreel. I laugh each time I see the limp-wristed action of the blonde exiting the orange car :slight_smile:


Thanks for the comments guys! Glad you liked it :slight_smile: We’ll be starting on the next one soon.

hehe…yeah, that accent works for me aswell (oriental, perhaps Japanese or Korean).

Geoff: no, just the usual. All rendered in LW, comped in After Effects with the final grade in Flame.

Chikega: yup, that is a short skirt. There was a suggestion that we’d do a version in which she wasn’t wearing any knickers and let it loose on the internet as a viral ad but thankfully the idea was dropped! :eek:

Dennik: cool idea, I’ll make a post in the Gallery.


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