Khosi_#DrawCember Sketchbook Thread


Day 10 santa has one too many cookies


Loved number 9! It reminded me Pan’s Labyrinth.
Really cool design


Santa’s face made me laugh! He doesn’t look too happy haha


Are you kidding ? I think that you perfectly captured Batista’s likeness !
If I wanted to be picky, I’d say that I remember him as being bigger though (well, he is kinda deflated compared to his wrestling days)… But nah, you did great ! :keenly:

I actually think that you’re really good at making your sculpts look alive, which is incredibly difficult.
I’ve seen more detailed sculpts that lack that little spark of life… Yours definitely do not have this problem.


:DThanks guys means a lot
@Lammakian cheers really try to capture the character for them.
@POSEIdOON just realised hahaha was going for forest alien thingy
day 11 realised had tooooooo many man :curious:


I really like 9. It looks like such an interesting creature design, I especially like that I can’t tell if it’s evil or good.


Thanks @csbutt I wanted it to be a forest alien thingy so was going for a calming feeling thats why the eyes are big kinda makes him look calm.
Day 12 did the scarf yersteday wanted to do mittens but also wanted to do the blizzard so went with both:arteest:


It definitely feels calm so I think it was a great success.
12’s pose is great and back to doing men? :slight_smile:


Blizzard guy looks good! I have the exact opposite issue of you: I rarely draw guys haha. I’m adding that to the list of things I need to work on.
Great detail and execution of the themes, especially with the red material being the only color.


Great 12! The wind hitting his mouth is perfect :slight_smile:


Thanks guys and @csbutt no mans this time.
@justcallmeinsane yeah really want to use more colours but these are sculpts and if i render properly it would end up taking to long. glad the red is working, gonna start adding more colours.
Day 13 been cold over in UK (nothing new) so a cup of hot extra hot chocolate


Day 14 :blush: for all the fathers getting socks :bowdown:
Instagram my only online thingy


Day 15 freezing had to rush this one jack nicholson didnt get the likeness but time :hmm:


Man your work looks damn cool with color or without! :slight_smile:


@POSEIdOON thanks man trying to get as much as i can with the christmas colours, i know they is more but green and gold are tough.
Day 16 presents again, but even dark lords deserve one


Almost missed this one.:argh:
day 17 Reindeer


Hahahahahaha !! Lol at the father getting socks. That’s just perfect. :smiley:


Loved that dark lord :slight_smile:


Thanks @POSEIdOON & @Lammakian
Day 18 woottttt home run now but I digress, werewolffffff had to make one:bounce:


Very good werewolf!