Keyframing question


I’m about to endevour on my first LightWave animated scene. I’m all set but I have one question.

Lets say you set up a pose at 0, and then progress along the time line to 10 and repose and then move along to 15 and repose again. Well, when you pose at 10 the program only keyframes the channel and bone/objects that you manipulate. As the Time line moves there are some keyframed changes that shift only from 0 to fifteen, as you may not have needed to manipulate them at 10. This may disrupt your pose at 10 when you apply the changes to 15. I hope this makes a little sense.

It seems the only solution to this problem is keyframing all information in the charecter from pose to pose. I’ve been using Auto Key, which dosen’t do that. I imagine there’s a simple solution to this, just not sure what. Hoping someone can toss me a suggestion on overcoming this issue visa via a their animation workflow.




I need to watch my forum trigger finger. Create Key for all descendents works. I just needed to do a little research.

Although if anyone was willing to use this thread as a forum on personal keyframing techniques that could be very educational for some of us beginers.



thre are several ways to key poses. you can use selection sets (e.g. Scene Editor Favorite Sets) to key important items that make up the pose. by putting them in a set and subsequently selecting that set, you select those items which you can key using the Create Key for Selected Items.

another way is to use the Graph Editor channel favorites. it’s like SE selection sets but they’re composed of channels instead of items. that means you can be very specific which channel of a particular item you want to pose along with the rest. the problem i have with this way is that you cant use the CreateKey() func with it, because the you will have to set the specific channels to key manually, which defeats the whole purpose of putting them in a set. so what i do is to keep GE open and use the CONTROL + RMB duplicate key technique on the selected channels. but i dont really like to work that way (not that i havent).

third way: there’s a plugin on (posted here in the forums recently) called Pose Controller. have a look at it. there some other plugins or lscripts that do pose keyframing specifically.


Pose control looks like it’s gonna be fun…

But, to your issue, it’s a matter of habit it sounds. I also think keyframes on everything would be maddening!

Try this out:
Anytime you find that you are going to keyframe somethig at 15 then not again at 45, with the item selected and at the last keyframe make a new key at 40 or so. You have to teach yourself to gauge how far in front of the next keyframe you want it placed, though.
This works across all objects. For example, suppose you have a situation where you want to keyframe a leg piece to coincide with an arm piece. You can find the key for the arm, switch to the leg and make a key.
All this stuff is improving with the new dopesheet stuff. Keith Largo. (Lango…not sure of the spelling.) Look up his style. Very informative. VERY.


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