Keyframing hell? (warning, huge image attached)


60 lights keyframed to turn on/off /change colors to the beat of a song for a music video I’m working on.
thank god for 23 inch cinema displays… I wish I had one at home


i’m afraid to mention the sound object in LOCO…


make a bloody expression and just keyframe a driven key…or something. Man, that is hell!


ever keyframed a walkcycle on a complex character? :scream:

wouldn’t a colapsable timeline do wonders here? maxon? hint hint hint hint hint


Can we see the outcome of that light keyframing?


lete me render out a quick test and I’ll post it


here it is, just a quick render of a peice of it. what I might end up doing is just animate a couple of “blocks” that can be looped in AE, see how that works out.

click here

it came out squished when i compressed it, didn’t double check the size settings.


reminds me a bit of jamiroquai’s ‘supersonic’ :thumbsup:

can’t you just animate one light and copy the keyframes where you need them?


Just animate lights in AE, and use Sound Keys to synch the lights to the beat. Unless you need to totally integrate it in C4d.


Couple of “lines” of code in XPresso, and you’re done. I once made a disco dance floor (a la saturday night fever) that way. No keyframing needed - as Byla already said :wink:

If it has to follow the music, check out (Srek’s website) - if I recall correctly there should be an expression that can help you with that - it should smooth out the sound which in turns should allow you to have more discreet values.



cool, thanks for all the tips guys…
btw would you mind sharing the expression you wrote for the dance floor?
It would probablly help a lot.



I wouldn’t mind at all, if I still had the file. It was a test I did for a couple of TV set designers who wanted to know if it was at all possible in C4D, but as the project never took off, I trashed the file. If I find the time, I’ll remake the basics and send you the file.



cool, thanks a lot!


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