available here :

excuse me for my poor english :wink:




Signed it :thumbsup:

See ya,
Joker :buttrock:

PS: Can any of the mods make this a sticky for a little while please, thank you :slight_smile:


me too, the new era


me too, the new era for keyframe magazine will be announced


Errr… instead of aggressively making a petition, why not just contact the publishers directly? Charles Edgin is pretty approachable, you know.


hey Leigh !

[u][b]i don’t want to be aggressive with this petition !

[/b][/u]it’s just to show that many people who love Lightwave, think Keyframe is a super mag, but a little expensive when they don’t live in USA…



Leigh, i will send an email to Charles Edgin soon.


When you say “Keyframe is probably the best magazine for LightWave 3D” … erm … what other LightWave magazines are there?


lol goodpoint rendernode has some good tuts in there mags for lw some time


I signed it.

I also like 3D World for LW tuts they have sometimes too. I just wish 3DW would have more LW art in there.


I signed it to. It is an expensive mag here in Canada as well.


lol i just got my new one…im not to fan of the mag isf i had more than a 1yr i would have happily sold and ship to ya ohh well

not that fond of it :slight_smile: just my opinion


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