Kevin Spacey to be digitally replaced with Christopher Plummer in Ridley Scott movie


"It is not clear how Scott will produce the Spacey-Plummer swap, but bringing back the actors for filming and finishing the film on this razor tight schedule is an enormous undertaking. Another, also monumental, option may be delicate visual effects work. A key challenge will the visual effects, since many of Spacey’s scenes were shot in different locations.

VFX house MPC — which was the lead VFX house on last year’s visual effects Oscar winner The Jungle Book — is working on All the Money in the World (though there might be additional VFX houses involved). Depending on the complexity and number of shots in which the character appears, it is possible that digital compositing could place Plummer into some shots.

Blade Runner 2049. Techniques such as this have been used in unique situations to finish a film, though its difficult to think of another predicament such as this. "


From what I read elsewhere, Spacey’s scenes were mostly just him alone in front of the camera, and he was only on set for 2 weeks.

The other actors have agreed to re-shoot the scenes with Christopher Plummer.

So there probably won’t be much “digital wizardry” to replace Spacey. Just the scenes being re-shot with another actor.


The problem is that a lot of the scenes were shot on location worldwide, at different times of day and different environments. there is NO WAY IN HELL that they will be able to recreate all those sets and take him to all those location with the time allotted.

This will be one of the most complicated green screen shoots in recent memory. And don’t get me started about the Rotto work that will be needed.
and the makeup too. I am sure someone just dragged Rick Baker kicking and screaming out of retirement.


Ah, I see. The source where I read about the re-shoots made it sound like it was just a matter of re-shooting a handful of scenes with Plummer and some of the other main actors present.

It didn’t say anything about locations around the world having been used.


New trailers:


Its fascinating to see the differences between the original and new trailer.

There was a similar cast change during the production of Panic Room. Nicole Kidman was original cast as the role meg right up until the first week of principal photography. But she had injured her ankle. Kidman said she was ok to do it. But Fincher asked her doctor if she would be able to perform. And they said not a chance. So the role went to Jodie Foster who is actually a better match to play the mother of the young Kirsten Stewart.

Spaceys few moments in the original trailer was cold and dramatic. But Plummer seems to be more of a resemblance of the real JP Getty.


So many people lost income with Spacey’s personal fall from grace, but it looks like this fix is actually adding income for the VFX folks.