Kerryaislinn's Concept Art WIP


This is my latest concept art project. I’m referencing the structure of ziggurats and Soviet Superstructures. I’ve found that combining these two is pretty fun and interesting. I’ll be adding shrubbery and plant life during the photobashing/painting phase. Really looking forward to figuring out how to make the architecture and plants feel connected rather than being their own separate entities. What do you all think? C&C is welcome!


Though I think this might be in the wrong forum; What an awesome combination! If it is a future based concept, you could always add some almost gravity defining concrete details from brutalism.
(Like the reversed pyramid shapes.)


Now that you point that out, I think it is in the wrong forum. Not sure how I managed that one, haha. Maybe I can message a moderator about moving it to the right place.

Your suggestion to look at some brutalist architecture is awesome. I hadn’t heard of it before and I think it may help solve my problem about adding more dynamic details to my fairly solid concrete structure. I’ll work on pulling some of that shape language into this piece.

This is the progress I have made so far with my paintover. I’m hoping to break up some of the symmetry in the architecture and add more plant life as I move along.