here is something I worked on today. Any additional features needed?


Hi Arndt!

It would be great when we were able to create multiple markers with one Kerning
object only! Dynamic descriptions FTW! :smiley:



Hi Arndt, Nice!

Needed features regarding kerning, not really,
but it would be great if you could throw in baseline shift,
and while you’re at it, why not additional options like caps +small caps,
superscript, subscript

That would make Cinema’s text object über cool!




cool idea. I will have a look…


Hi Niklas,

you can already come back to any Kerning position and edit it. Or what else do you mean by “multiple markers”?



If you’re going for the ‘uber text tool’, I’d throw in some para formatting like Tabs/Indents/Lists and Hanging Punctuation into the list too.

Are we able to access glyphs/ligatures of a typeface from within C4d?


Oh boy. That is great. Baseline shift is a must. When will it be out?


Wouldn’t it be better to have it as a tag instead? So that it’s added as another label/tab in the list of regular text options (no switching of objects to set your text and cleaner object manager)?
Ideally, the plugin should add the function by default to the regular text spline in a new tab, whitout having to add anything.


Oh I didn’t see that the offset is kept when chainging the index of the marker. That’s fine! :slight_smile:
What I was imagining, is to have dynamic AM attributes depending on the number of “added markers”, therefore, I press an “add marker” button, and I specify it’s index and offset. But that might come really hard organize for many markers.

The possibility to offset the segment not only the baseline direction would be great IMHO, too.



Thank you all for your input so far. I just uploaded the plugin to my webshop. You can get it there for free:

The download link is posted within the description text of the webshop. There is also a demonstration video available within our YouTube channel.


Thank you, Arndt!


Great, thanks Arndt!
Will have a look later!



Thank you Arndt ! Really usefull and the rounded corner gradient tool too !


Great, Arndt! Cinema’s been needing this for ages.


Many thanks for this. A very much needed tool.


This is great.
Is it possible to carry forward the Plane axis settings and the intermediate points settings?

At the moment I have to accept the default xy for the plane, and Adaptive for the intermediate points.





Do you plan to upgrade the software to pass through the plane axis and intermediate point attributes of the original text object?

At the moment I have no control over the makeup of the splines resolution.



I could do this, but you can already access the original Text spline and edit it at any time. You don’t have to convert the Text spline before your group it with the Kerning object.


Very nice indeed. I’ve been off 3D for a few months now and it’s little things like this that make me excited about getting back to it, hopefully sooner rather than later. Does that make me a 3D nerd? Yes it does. Thank the stars!


I must be missing something here.
To help I have attached a c4d (R13) file as a sample, and a jpeg.

The ‘Kerned’ version has the intermediate points of the spline set to uniform and 1, which results in a low res spline, but this is not being reflected once it is passed through the Kerning plugin.

The ‘Not Kerned’ version is just the spline with the intermediate points of the spline set to uniform and 1. This is what I would expect to see
.but with the kerning added.

Hope this helps.