Kerkythea: another (free) rendering engine


I don’t know if this is old news but i’m quite sure there’s a lot of people who’ve never heard about this renderer. It’s free and doesn’t look bad at all from what i’ve seen:


Ya this one has been around for a little while now, it’s pretty decent. I’ve used it a bit but from what I’ve noticed it doesn’t subdivide at render time so you have to freeze your mesh at the subd level you want it rendered at before importing into the renderer. I may have just missed that option since I only tinkered with it, nothing serious. Not bad for a free alternative though for sure!


Free is alwasy nice but that gallery has allot of grain and aliasing going on…


The nice thing about this renderer for me is that it has an interface (not command-line).

Some of the images are grainy because they are using ppt but there are photon rendering options also. The AA got an update fairly recently although I’m not completely convinced by it.

Some other nice features are the ability to render 180 degree panaramas and there is a shader for automatic bevelling too.

You do have to sub-divide before import though.


I didn’t know about this.
Thank you for posting.


I’ve tried it together with SketchUp and its quite good. Of cause it has its weiknesses and is a bit slow but hey! Its free…
It renders in floating point and has a built in tonemapper in the render view so you can test different settings. It also has a physical sky and a “round corner” effect that is in the new MentalRay Arch material.

There is also a SketchUp exporter that even works with the free Google SketchUp.
So now you can both model and render for free. :thumbsup:


This one sounds like the fastest free renderer available (looking the render time og the images at the gallery and the tutorials)!!

Please correct me I am wrong.


Well there are some free Renderman renderers that are very fast but they aren’t all about GI, so this one is probably very fast for unbiased/GI-specific.


The active tone mapper is something I had a lot of fun with, I wish something like that was built into every renderer.


yes kerkythera is very nice, amazing for a free open source software.
i like it and i have seen great work with it already.

works good with sketchup. there is a nice exporter for it in the forum.
AA isnt good yet, but there is a beta where new real good AA is in works.



That ultrafine setting for PPT looks really nice, but is soo noizy/slow…


I have playing around with it during the weekend and I would say this is the best free renderer I have ever used. What makes it different than other free renderers are the easyto use GUI and the speed.

Guys it’s worth giving a try.

Thank u ThirdEye for posting it here :).


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