Kenji's Sketchbook


Before August ends, I try to do a few more designs, and here is a new one.

High Res -

Some of the ones I like…

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Think thats about it for this set and the previous 1…

High Res -

Some close ups…

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Beginning of September :shrug:


Spend more time on making the design to more finishing…

Red Samurai

Close up of Red Samurai

Mecha or so…

Close up of Mecha


Close up of FireFry

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Some new ones…:slight_smile:

Seal Beak from the sea

Close Up of Seal Beak

Jung Ra in the Deep Jungle

Close up of Jung Ra


Gronga The Gorilla~!! RoARRRRRRR :smiley:

Close up of Gronga

I dont know man… you tell me…:shrug:

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Chiozz leh!


Whats that?

New 1…Neraka :smiley:

Close Up of Neraka

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chio means nice lo


Thanks man!

OcTra from the Deep Sea :smiley:

Close Up


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wow nice colors and strokes, totall diggin it


Thanks man :smiley:

New Design…ShrugK! :wink:

Close Up of ShrugK

ShrugK BreakDown

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Very cool designs and decorations. I like the ones that look like something alive is emerging from complete chaos. I also like the lighting/glowing and the glazing appearance.


Thanks mate! THANKS A LOT!!

Going back to basics. Start drawing from human eyes as its our important organ in our body. Visual~

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Hey ltken84

your creature concepts are all really nicely vibrant and dynamic.
Personally though, I’d love to see you work some of them out to more tangible, recognizable subjects. It could be a challenge to increase the illusion of form while trying not to loose the vibrance in your bold colors. Adding some anatomy will make your characters really really good imo if you do it right.

The human eye needs work: missing the upper eyelid mostly and there is no indication that the eye is actually a ball in a socket. Also the tear-gland should not be forgotten.

Hope you don’t mind the critique, your stuff is great in fact :wink:


Hey NR43~ Thanks for the lecture mate! You’re right, I should move on to the next stage. Try bringing out a more clear form of those creatures without losing the execution Ive made. Good point!

Ah yes, the eyes… these sets are through imagination. I should have pay more attention to your points there.Im going through another set with reference at the moment.

I really appreciate it and I do feed on critiques :love: Cheers!


Eye Study with Reference :wise:

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New studies, but base on comics for this round. :wise:

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More studies on Human Eyes with reference :smiley:

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fuyoh nice!, i m really digging it