Kenji's Sketchbook


Thanks mate!! :beer:


War Machine WIP :wip:


Arghhhh War Machine has a lot of things to take care of!! Need some time to fix every part of it…:sad:


thats some crazy stuff going on here


Haha, its just normal drawings mate~! Thanks man!!

Alright, starting to shape things up a little here and there, its gonna take some time for me to clear the things…tiring :sad:


Putting pieces together…:wink:


WOW! cant wait for it to finish


Im taking up some time to finish this piece. Sorry about the slow progress…hehe

Some serious touch ups for War Machine, still in WIP…


War Machine is finally done!! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Doing a new one…Striding Cloud


Some fixes…:sad:


Todays WIP…:surprised


Took a few days to fill up the details, left the lower part now…:wip:


Alright, three weeks of time duration on this piece is a little too long eh? Cant help but I tried my best to finish it as soon as possible. Have to take time to fill up the details, fix here and there, coloring…and there it is! Its done. Striding Cloud from StormRiders, my favorite!! Enjoy guys :smiley:

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Taking a break from drawing comic characters. Having fun with DecoBrush from Zbrush, did a little design while learning from Android Jones :wink:

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My gosh… the last updates are amazing!


Thanks mate! Im still figuring what to achieve from it next, :slight_smile:

Today’s practice

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Alright, heres some updates…try to pull something off after 5 piece of fun doodling with deco brush :surprised


Alright, heres some update. Took a little step further to design something with Deco Brush. Having lots of fun with it. Hopefully it will lead me to create something more good. Cheers~;)

New set of design
High Res -

Some of the design I liked and my friend choose…

Which one do you like? Enjoy Guys :beer:

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Its been a month…I havent upload any work yet. Well, here’s a new set of design for now :wink:

New set of design
High Res -

Some of the close ups of design

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