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Thanks a lot mate!! I will do my best and post more!! Let me share with you my first attempt for 2010 :blush: Happy New Year to you!!

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone in CG Society!! Yay!!! Wish everyone here happy and wishes granted through out the year of tiger, 2010!! Yippie :rocker:

Ok, heres my first attempt for 2010!! Its still a work in progress. Have no idea where it will lead me to and what it will be. However I would love to share with everyone whats going on at the moment. Lets see…:eek:

First, some paint strokes created in Painter 11 and 3D object created in Maya. Combine them!!

Second, did some slight effect in it.

Some close ups

Let me know what do you think, I will continue finishing it. :wise: Thanks everyone!!


Damn this is good, keep posting!


Haha! Thanks mate!! Here’s an update~!! :smiley:

Its been 3 days later and Ive thought of something for this piece…I added a person in there, still vague at the moment because Im trying to block things out, just to check if it looks good. So it seems not bad at this point. Let me share with everyone and do give feedback and comments yo! :wink:

Here’s one close up :wip:


Alright!! Here’s an update on two major things thats going around me!!

Ok!! Lets have a look now,the Unknown Piece of painting that Im dealing with has started to form its shape, its own subject is starting to stand out a little more now.

Which looks better? Bluish or Redish?

And some close ups

Lets see where will this piece go at the end of the day :curious:

OK!! Now heres my usual sketch. Ive put it January theme as Black, White and Red. Here are four sketches that Ive come up with. Sharing with everyone. Haha Cheers!! :smiley:

Concept Art - Furious Eye

Concept Art - Hunter

Concept Art - Swirl

Concept Art - Hideous

Yeap!! So here’s a long update for my sketchbook for this week! Comments and suggestions are warmly welcome!! :wise:


Just a quick update, done this two piece and wanted to share with everyone.

Concept Art - Evilish Blood

Concept Art - LyCanine

Enjoy :smiley:


Concept Art - Brage
Some kind of Ox Demon I suppose :curious:


Concept Art - CyRinch

Concept Art - ArCern


Concept Art - DualBreed

Concept Art - Varaa

Concept Art - EvaJin


5 more Concept Art for January’s 2010 them Black, White and Red to go~

Concept Art - ZeTsu


Concept Art - PiaRin


Concept Art - ChainKi


Concept Art - HapXeon


Concept Art - DaoN



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Its been awhile and wasnt feeling quite well for the past few days. Yes, its update time!! But this update would be a little more than usual.

Previously I started of something after the effect season. Which was an unknown doodle with combined with a CG mesh. However,here’s a complete of the Unknown piece which started earlier off. I name it, ShiRin Ghost Town. Check out the WIP that evolve one by one :surprised

I decided to remove the female from the composition. And added in some different tones.

Changed the hue and desaturated a little which looked like this. And fill in a little more effects.

Some close ups.

Started to fill in more “lights”. The blue effects represents lost souls. And some cables across the blocks just so it looked like an abandoned town.

After that was done, I came up with three different colors. Which I did not know which to choose.

Which finally I went with this and desatureated it.

ShiRin Ghost Town
Medium: Maya, Photoshop CS3 and Painter 11


The last three piece for Black, White and Red Concept Art.

Concept Art - QueSpinx

Concept Art - CroJi

Concept Art - SliTx

Alright, thats a long update for now. A new series of Concept Art should be on its way before Chinese New Year hits. Cheers~

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awesome work, yeah go frameworks


Thanks mate!! :wavey:


Some figure studies


Love the marker sketches!


Thanks for the compliments :smiley:

Two portraits from last week…


Just a simple female portrait


your marker renderings are amazing! wow


Hey Embryotic, thanks for the compliments~ :smiley:


Its been sometime I havent draw anything…here’s something after April Fool’s Day :wise:

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